Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Walkthrough

| [13.10] Star Forge                                                          |

Dodging all sorts of enemy fire, you manage to dock on the Star Forge.  Leave
the Ebon Hawk, and take whoever you want.  I took Jolee and HK-47.

@ Deck 1 @

When you get off the ship, a Republic jedi will talk to you, and then three
Dark Jedis rush into the room.  You can choose to fight the Dark Jedi's, but
the Republic soldiers can handle them just fine.  Go through the door in the
middle of the docking bay, then through the next door.  Run down the ramp, and
the door will lock behind you.  You will then see Malak order droids to attack
the Jedi.  Four of them will now be in the room with you.  Destroy them.  Take
the left path, down the ramp, and through the door.  There are two more droids
in here, so destroy them.  Follow the catwalk to the right and down the ramp,
and go through the door.  There are two more droids in here.  When they've been
destroyed, go through the door to find another two droids.  Kill these two,
then follow the catwalk around and to the ground.

You see a battle taking place between three Dark Jedi's and three Republic
Jedi's.  As usual, the Republic Jedi's are useless, and they all die, leaving
you to kill the three Dark Jedi's.  Search their corpses when you kill them,
then take the left path.  Kill the two Dark Jedi standing near the door, search
them, then go through the door.  You will arrive on the second deck of the Star

@ Deck 2 @

Run forward down the catwalk, and another cutscene will take over, showing the
Sith talking to Malak.  Malak orders the entire Star Forge to be used to send
wave after wave of enemies after you.  When you regain control, some Sith's
will come in through the door.  The next section of the game will have you
fighting nearly the entire Star Forge.  You'll go up against close to forty
enemies by the time this section is done.  Kill the initial Sith, then go in
through the door they came from.  Be sure to search the corpses of everyone you
kill.  The enemies will run the gamut from Sith Apprentices to Heavy Troopers
to Dark Jedi's.  When the seemingly endless wave stops, head down the middle
path to the door where the majority of the enemies came from.

You're now in a long hallway.  Go left.  Oh goodie, another onslaught of Sith
and Dark Jedi's!  Kill them all, including the ones who come up from behind.
Keep going to the left, and you'll come to a large door.  Go through it, then
through the next door, and you'll be in a room with a computer and three more
Sith Apprentice's.  Kill the Sith, then activate one of the three large
computers.  Slice into the system, and you can ask it to generate several kinds
of armor, as well as 'customized Jedi robes'.  Choose that, and you will get a
robe that is customized to your player's class and path (light or dark).  You
may return to the computer to disable all the turrets in the hall, and if you
have the spikes, it's a good idea.  Return to the hall.

Follow it back the opposite way, all the way down to the end.  You will, of
course, have to fight another wave of enemies.  At least the turrets won't fire
at you.  At the other end, go through the door, and you're riding an elevator
to the Command Deck.

@ Command Center @

You will see another cutscene, this time of Malak and Bastila.  Malak really is
a bastard, isn't he?  After the cutscene, open the door in front of you.
Before we get to Bastila, we have another slew of enemies to fight.  When they
seem to stop, go through the door most of them came out of, then through the
next door.  Run up the catwalk and follow it to the left, killing more Sith as
you go.  Go through the two doors and enter another room.

I'm under the impression that BioWare realized near the end of the game that it
was too easy, and tried to hide this fact by sending wave after wave of enemies
after you.  It's not like they are difficult, even on hard, but just plain

Anyway, enough of that; in the next room, guess what?  Kill more enemies.  The
only difference in this room is that the Dark Jedi seal the exit, and you have
to kill them to get by.  Wait, that's not a difference; you'd have to kill them
anyway!  Well, whatever.  Continue up the catwalk, and through the next two

Well, finally!  No more onslaught!  Open the door at the top of the catwalk,
and you will be facing Bastila.  Tell her "I'll never give up on you, Bastila.
I know you can still be saved.".  She then freezes both your party members and
locks the door; it's a one-on-one battle.  After you knock her down a few pegs,
she talks to you again.

* 1: You've been consumed by the dark side, Bastila.  Can't you see it's      *
*    destroying you?                                                          *
* 2: You will accomplish death and destruction with the dark side, nothing    *
*    else.                                                                    *
* 3: You're dooming yourself to an endless cycle of death and betrayal.       *

She then starts fighting again.  Pound on her some more until she talks to you,
yet again.

* 1: Then strike me down, Bastila.  I won't defend myself.                    *
* 2: You are not evil, Bastila.  You will not strike down a defenseless       *
*    opponent.                                                                *

And again, she attacks.  And again, you beat on her.  And again, she talks.

* 1: Now you see the dark side is not stronger than the light.                *
* 2: I could never kill you, Bastila.                                         *
* 3: You can reject the dark side, Bastila.  Return to the light.             *
* 4: [Persuade] Use our bond, then.  Take your strength from me.              *
* 5: [Persuade] I love you, Bastila.  I can't abandon you, ever.              *
* 6: Help us defeat the Sith, Bastila.  This will atone for what you have     *
*    done.                                                                    *
* 7: I trust you enough to leave myself open to your attack, Bastila.         *
* 8: You won't, Bastila.  Because I love you and I believe in you.            *
* 9: You aren't afraid to love anymore?                                       *
* 10: You could use your Battle Meditation to aid the Republic fleet.         *

Awww, what a sweet, happy, and kind of sappy ending.  After the conversation,
you'll see a cutscene of Republic forces advancing on the Star Forge.  This is
quite an epic battle that is forming.  After the cutscene, you'll be in control
of your character, and you'll be by yourself.  Move up toward Bastila, and go
through the door on the right side.  Follow this hallway to the end.  Approach
the door, and Malak will come out to meet you.  He kills two Jedi's, then talks
to you.

* 1: It's you who can't escape, Malak.  Surrender and the Jedi might show you *
*    mercy.                                                                   *
* 2: I was saved from the darkness, Malak.  You can be too, if you wish.      *

Malak disappears, and unleashes six droids.  Do not attack them, because they
will come in a, literally, endless supply.  You need to run to each of the
computer terminals (six in total), hack them, and choose "Disable generator."
on each system.  Once all six generators have been destroyed, all the droids
will cease attacking.  Return to the door where you met Malak.  Go through it
to head to the Factory.

@ Viewing Platform @

When you arrive, run forward down the path.  You will see Malak standing in the
middle of the chamber, and he will talk to you.

* 1: The light side is stronger than you know, Malak.                         *
* 2: I will never serve the dark side again, Malak!                           *
* 3: I believe in the power of redemption.                                    *

Your best bet is to load up on all the stimulants you have before fighting, and
reapply them when he runs to recharge.

Malak comes after you.  If you thought the game was easy, you're in for a good
challenge now.  Malak has several Force immunities, and he'll take a lot of
damage, even during the first part of the fight.  If you are a Soldier and/or
Guardian, use your lightsabers and use melee on him.  Other classes should use
a combination of Force powers and ranged weaponry.  After he loses enough
health, he runs over to a chamber, and talks to you.  Ask him "What are you
talking about?".

When the battle resumes, try to avoid fighting and run to all the chambers.  If
you have Destroy Droid, use it on the chambers to set the soldiers free (their
souls, at least).  If you don't have Destroy Droid, then you can't do anything
to them, but don't worry; it doesn't affect the ending.  Focus on Malak.  Once
his health gets low, he'll suck the energy from another Jedi, refilling his
health completely.  He'll continue to do this until no more Jedi are left.
When he moves, follow him, and be ready to attack as soon as he has finished

After Malak has used all the Jedi's, he can't recharge anymore.  When you beat
him after he's exhausted his supply of Jedi, he falls to his knees, and starts

* 1: The power of the light will always be stronger than the dark side.       *
* 2: I am sorry I started you on this path.  But you chose to continue down   *
*    it.                                                                      *

After the battle, your character will walk through the door, automatically, and
you will meet up with Carth and Bastila.  When Carth asks you what happened,
say "There was no way to turn him to the light side.  I had to kill him.".  You
are treated to another cutscene of the Republic making a final attack on the
Star Forge.  You are then given a big award, and are given the Cross, the
highest order the Republic can bestow.  Everyone is here; Carth, Canderous,
Mission, Zaalbar, Juhani, Jolee, HK-47 and T3-M4.  You are then shown the
credits.  Congratulations on beating the game.  Now go through it again, and
this time, be a real evil Jedi!