Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Walkthrough

| [13.8] Manaan                                                               |

Climate          Worldwide Ocean
Native Species   Selkath
Docking          City of Ahto

En route to Manaan, you are shown the location of the Star Map.  Looks like it
is underwater somewhere, doesn't it?  Too bad we don't have Bastila to talk to
us about it.  Talk to your crew members, further any subplots, and leave the
ship.  Take along Canderous and Jolee, if you want two subquests.  Otherwise,
take whomever you like.

@ Docking Bay @

You're in the docking bay, and as always, you have the whole thing to yourself.
There is nothing for you to do here, so exit the bay through the large metal
doors in front of you.  As you leave, a Republic soldier and a Sith soldier
will be arguing.  Good vs. evil, basically.  When the Sith leaves, the Republic
man will talk to you.  He'll explain about the world, kolto, and why he hates
the Sith.  Afterwards, you'll get a journal entry.  Turn right from the soldier
and head toward the door.  As you get closer, a man approaches, and talks to
Canderous, with quite an attitude.  The man challenges Canderous to a battle on
the dunes of Tatooine.  There is a Selkath merchant to your left, and he sells
a variety of items.  When you're done, go through the large door to the next

In the next area of the docking bay, you will come to a Selkath on the left by
the name of Nubassa.  He wants to buy a type of animal, but won't say anything
else.  The door to the right leads to another docking bay with two Sith
soldiers, using computers.  There is nothing here, so don't bother going in.
If you were to keep going, you'd get to another docking bay, one that is owned
privately by the Sith.  You can't do anything there, so don't waste your time.
Go through the door across from the docking bay to enter West Central.

@ West Central @

You're now in West Central.  Run down the hall and enter the door, and you will
be in the Visitor's Area.  There is an alien on the left hand side named Jolan,
and he'll play Pazaak with a maximum wager of 200.  There is nothing else here,
so continue into the next room through the two doors.  To the left, behind a
desk, is a Selketh Port Official.  He won't let you through until you pay the
docking fee, 100 credits, or persuade your way out of it.  Whatever you choose,
continue into Ahto City West Central.  From the starting area, head down the
right path.  At the end, turn right and continue down the path.  You can go
into the Kolto Distribution Center, but there isn't much there.  At the end of
the path, go through the door to the new area.

@ Ahto West @

Head outside, and you'll be stopped by Elora, the wife of the man who is on
trial for murder.  Remember?  It's funny, but Jolee doesn't have a clue to what
she is talking about, even though his "old friend" had mentioned this earlier.
To the right of the area, you'll see a Republic soldier looking to recruit
mercenaries.  Beside him is a long path which leads to the cantina.

A Selketh named Nilko stops you and says he wants to talk to you.  When you
have control, talk to him.  He wants you to find out why the Republic is hiring
so many mercenaries.  Continue into the cantina.  There is an older man named
Gonto who will play Pazaak.  There is a mercenary decked out in yellow armor.
He can answer some questions for you.  I want his armor.  Don't you?  There is
a Mandalorian mercenary in here named Ergeron who recognizes and talks with
Canderous.  Ask him questions if you want.  Continue down, and you'll get to
talk with another Selkath named Shaelas, who wants you to investigate the
disappearence of missing Selketh youth.  At the end of the cantina, you will
spot a Sith tempting an Echani to work for them.  Neither will talk to you.
There is a Sith woman standing next to the bar, drunk.  She'll answer a few
questions, but will give you nothing of importance.  Leave the cantina, and go
straight across.  At the other side, follow the hall and you'll wind up in the
courtroom.  Run toward the judges, and you'll see a debate take place between a
Republic soldier and a Sith soldier.

After the debate, ignore both of them, and talk to the center judge, Judge
Shelkar.  Tell him "I would like to investigate the murder case involving
Sunry."  You are now officially Sunry's arbiter.  Talk to all five judges to
get more information on the case, then leave the court.  Return to the holding
cell, and speak with the Selketh Guard to get him to unlock the door.

Inside, talk to Sunry; he is in a cell.

* 1: Let's go over the evidence.                                              *
* 2: I need to investigate the case some more.                                *
* 3: There's a few things we have to clear up.                                *
* 4: The judges said that you left after the shot was fired.                  *
* 5: I'll be going now.                                                       *

Go back to Sunry's wife, Elora, just outside the holding cell, and talk to her
for more info on Sunry.

* 1: Can you tell me anything about Sunry?                                    *
* 2: Are you saying someone your age couldn't overpower a woman?              *
* 3: Your husband might not be so innocent, Elora.                            *

Return to the West Central.

@ West Central @

We're not doing anything here, so head straight across to East Central.

@ East Central @

As soon as the area loads, you can see some Sith and Republic soldiers facing
each other, and you know a cutscene will take over when you get close.  After
the arguing, continue into the main area.  The door to the immediate left of
where you came from is the general store.  Facing the store, head down the path
to the large open doorway, and go through.  Head to the door to the left, and
go through the second door; you're now in the hotel.

Speak with the man behind the desk, Ignus.  Don't persuade or bribe him, as we
are trying to win this case fairly.  Persuade if you want, but I'm leaving that
for the dark walkthrough.

* 1: Tell me what you saw the night of the murder.                            *
* 2: Could it have gone off after he left?                                    *
* 3: I want to ask something else.                                            *
* 4: What do you know about Sunry and Elassa?                                 *
* 5: Who are the witnesses in the hotel?                                      *
* 6: I have no more questions for now.                                        *

Facing Ignus, turn around and head to the rooms at the back of the hotel.  Go
in the first room on the left and talk with Firith Me.

* 1: What do you know about Sunry and Elassa?                                 *
* 2: Elassa roomed here often?                                                *
* 3: You mean Sunry was having a relationship with Elassa?                    *
* 4: Sith Master?                                                             *
* 5: [Persuade] What did you see?                                             *
* 6: She was a Dark Jedi?                                                     *
* 7: What did you see the night of the murder?                                *
* 8: I have nothing more to ask for now.                                      *

Search Firith's footlocker, then return to the hall, and go to the last room on
the right and speak to Gluupor.

* 1: I have questions about the murder of Elassa.                             *
* 2: Why were you at the hotel?                                               *
* 3: What did you see?                                                        *
* 4: What about Elassa's room?                                                *
* 5: [Persuade] Did someone pay you to do something in that room Gluupor?     *

The room across from Gluupor's can be broken into, but you'll only get a
medpac, and not even an advanced one!  Leave the hotel.  On your way out, you
will be stopped by a man with the clever name of Mysterious Man.

* 1: What do you mean?                                                        *
* 2: Um... I think so... kinda...                                             *
* 3: Why should I believe you?                                                *

Well, this conspiracy goes deeper than we thought.  Once you're out of the
hotel, go to the door straight across to enter the Republic Embassy.  Talk to
the man behind the desk, Roland.

* 1: Why are your soldiers loading so much kolto?                             *
* 2: I'm investigating the Sunry case.                                        *
* 3: Are you so sure it was the Sith?                                         *
* 4: I am on a mission from the Jedi Council, perhaps you can help me with it.*
* 5: I seek a Star Map, the remnant of an ancient and forgotten race.         *
* 6: You know something?                                                      *
* 7: What do you want me to do?                                               *
* 8: Where is the droid?                                                      *
* 9: How do I get in the Sith base?                                           *
* 10: Is there another way?                                                   *
* 11: Is there another way?                                                   *

Pick whatever option you like.  Interrogating the prisoner takes a good level
of persuasion, and raiding the landing bay will require combat.  Your best bet
is to decrypt the passcard, so let's do that.  Enter the door behind the two
Republic guards, then enter the door on the right to enter the computer room.
The technician will talk to you.  Ask him whatever questions you want until he
shuts up, then approach one of the computers.  Choose to decrypt the passcard.
Here are the answers, in order:

Sequence 1: 1 2 4 6 11 16           (Answer: 22)
Sequence 2: 21 18 16 15 15 16       (Answer: 18)
Sequence 3: 1 2 4 8 16 32           (Answer: 64)
Sequence 4: 2 1 0 -2                (Answer: 2)
Sequence 5: 1 32 81 64 25           (Answer: 6)
Sequence 6: 1 0 - 8 3 - 32 5 - 128  (Answer: 7)

Now that you have the card, slice into the system.  You should still have tons
of spikes, but you'll only need three.  Choose to "Access restricted data
archives.", and you'll get a recording of Sunry and Elassa.  Hmm, looks like he
may not be innocent after all.  Leave the embassy.  Back outside, take the left
path.  Before we finish the Sunry trial, let's go to the Sith base, and finish
off some of the remaining things to do on Manaan.  En route to Ahto East,
you'll see a Rodian standing in the corner, named Shady Rodian.  He will sell
you Pazaak cards if you ask him about his "business".  Enter the door left of
the Rodian, then follow the path to the next door, which leads to Ahto East.

@ Ahto East @

Follow the path to the door and enter into the courtyard.  There is a group of
Sith Soldiers here.  Tell her "this is a public street".  Walk down the right
side, and enter the door.  Follow the path around to the swoop registration,
where you can do more races.  Walk inside, and speak with the Ithorian named
Queedle at the back left.  We're going to give the poor fellow some credits to
help him compete in the races.

* 1: I just want to ask a few questions.                                      *
* 2: What is bothering you?                                                   *
* 3: How much do you think you need?                                          *
* 4: Here, I can give it to you.                                              *
* 5: Let's go back to my first questions.                                     *
* 6: Use the money I gave you to upgrade.                                     *
* 7: Let's go back to my first questions.                                     *
* 8: I have to leave.  Goodbye.                                               *

Enter the door behind Queedle and go down the ramp into the lounge.  There are
only two people here, a Gamorrean and a Twi'lek.  You can talk to either to get
more on racing.  Return to the main area, and speak with T'sllth for a pratice
run (which requires 20 credits), or Sslamoth for an official run.  You need to
pay a 100 credit fee for an official race.  There are three rounds (like the
three tiers on Tatooine), and you earn 500, 2000, and 5000 credits,
respectively.  For the first race, you may be able to persuade your way out of
the fee, but following races you can't.  As always, avoid the obstacles, change
gears as soon as the icon lights up, and aim for all the speed boosters.  To
win the third race, you need to hit pretty much every booster, don't even graze
any obstacle, and get a perfect jump from the gate.

You now are Sector Champion.  Talk to Queedle, and he'll want to give you your
money back.  Tell him to keep it, but he'll give it to you anyway, and you'll
get Light Side points.  Leave the swoop area, and take the path almost directly
ahead of you.  The store to your left sells used stuff, but it's cheap.  Leave,
turn left, and keep walking down and you'll arrive at the Sith Embassy.  If you
want to talk to the diplomat, go ahead; otherwise, enter the embassy.  You can
enter the door without being attacked, because you have the passcard.

@ Sith Base @

When you get inside, you'll be welcomed (if that's the word) by the Sith
receptionist.  If you tell her "I have a passcard.", she'll know it's out of
date and will summon the man who you just passed outside.  Force Persuade and
Lie doesn't work (it may for you, however), so you're going to have to deal
with her, the commander, and those War Droids.  When they're dead, search the
bodies, then enter the door to the right of the reception desk.  Follow the
hall around (ignore the mine and the door on th left; it leads nowhere).  Open
the door at the end leading to the Flow Control Room.

Inside, there are several guards.  Kill them all, search their corpses, and one
of them will contain the "Water Pump Analysis" datapad.  Leave through the
other open door (not the big ones next to the flow machine), and kill the three
Dark Jedi Apprentice's in here.  Make your way as if you were going to the
reception area, but take the door on the right just before the reception door.

Follow this hall and you'll come to three doors.  The one on the right leads
nowhere, so take the one on the left to the disassembly room.  There is a war
droid in here you can repair if you like, and if you do, it'll go into the room
and start firing.  Follow it in.  There are five guards in here; kill them all,
with the help of the repaired war droid.  When everyone is dead, search the
large broken droid to get what you need for the Republic.  Also search the
footlocker, then leave and go through the left door.

In this room, destroy the two assault droids, then continue to the next and
only door.  You'll be in the "West Lounge", with another Heavy Trooper and two
more Assault Droids.  The door on the left doesn't work, so open the door on
the right.  There is heavy steam coming from here, so turn on solo mode and
send your main player through it.  You'll take some damage.  On the other side,
you can shut off the steam, making your trip back through it easy.  Use the
terminal here, and go through the cameras, killing whoever you can.  With the
security room camera, be sure to disable the force field and/or the droid.
With all that done, go all the way back to the main hall.  If you turn right,
you would head to the reception, so turn left.  Return to the room where you
killed the three apprentice's, then go through the middle door.

You're now in the room that used to have the active force field.  Cross the
arch, search the remains of the two droids, and enter the door.  There is a
heavy trooper wandering this hall.  Turn right, and run down the hall.  Go
through all the doors, and soon you'll be behind the pressure doors from the
flow room.  Enter the single door at the far end, and you'll have to kill three
Dark Jedi's.  Search their corpses, and pick the lock (or bash) the two
footlockers, then leave.

Run all the way back down the hall, and follow it as it curves right into the
training area.  You will see a Selketh run.  Follow it, and kill it, or it will
attack you first.  In this first room of the training annex, search the
footlocker, then go through the door.  You come to a path that goes straight
and to both the left and right.  Take the left path and go through the door.
These are some of the missing Selketh you're after.  They'll talk to you as
soon as you're through the door.

* 1: I am _____.  Shaelas has me investigating the disappearance of young     *
*    Selkath.                                                                 *
* 2: The Sith are evil!  What they told you was a lie!                        *
* 3: If the Republic is defeated, the Sith will enslave your planet!          *
* 4: The Sith are evil, Shasa.  They only want Manaan's kolto.                *
* 5: [Persuade] Give me some time, and I will find proof the Sith are evil.   *

Leave the room, and go straight across the fork to the next door.  This is the
medical room.  Upon opening the door, a dying Selkath will tell you to tell
something to Shasa, and your character will pick up a token from his corpse.
Search the footlocker.  Before returning to Shasa, take the only door you have
not yet visited.  There is a Selkath Apprentice and two droids; kill them.
Continue into the next door, then the next.  A cutscene will take over, and you
will have to fight a Dark Jedi Master and two of his apprentice's.  Once they
are dead, search the Jedi's body, then go into the door behind him to find a
footlocker that has a single datapad, which you will need later on.

Return to Shasa.  Since you have the datapad and token, you can choose whatever
one you want to prove the Sith's evil.  They leave to report this to the
authorities.  Return all the way back to the base's entrance, and ride the
elevator back to the top.

You will be ambushed by a Selkath and some guards.  Ask "What?  Why?".  Looks
like they know what you did, and you're off to prison.

When the game loads, you'll be in a holding cell, and a Selkath named Bra'lass
will inform you that he's your arbiter.  He'll ask you several questions, so
answer honestly, like this:

* 1: What have I been charged with?                                           *
* 2: How will you get me free?                                                *
* 3: I... er... broke in.                                                     *
* 4: I'm on a mission to stop them from taking over the galaxy.               *
* 5: Um... don't you need to ask more questions?                              *
* 6: How can you expect to defend me without getting more information?        *
* 7: I have proof that the Sith are evil.                                     *
* 8: This datapad proving they are kidnapping young Selkath.                  *

After the last dialogue option, the game will load, and you'll be in court.

* 1: Not guilty.                                                              *
* 2: I have this datapad as proof that the Sith are up to no good!            *

The charges against you are dropped, and you're free.  You're automatically in
Ahto West.

@ Ahto West @

Leave the court, turn right, and talk to Elora, who is still standing in the
same spot.  Do people's legs or feet not get tired in the Star Wars universe?

* 1: [Persuade] Was Sunry having an affair?                                   *
* 2: Your husband might not be so innocent, Elora.                            *

Go into the holding cells, which is just to the right of Elora.  Talk to Sunry.

* 1: There's a few things we have to clear up.                                *
* 2: I know you're guilty, Sunry.  I've got the Republic's data recording.    *
* 3: But the Sith found out the truth, didn't they?                           *
* 4: You're guilty, Sunray.  Cofess.                                          *
* 5: Killing your lover while she sleeps is murder - even if she is a Sith!   *
* 6: These are just excuses, Sunry.  We both know you have to own up to your  *
*    crimes.                                                                  *

Talk to the Selkath Warden behind the desk, and tell him "I wan't to begin
Sunry's trial now.", then "Yes, let's begin the trial.".  You'll be taken to
court immediately.  Since Sunry's guilty, choose "Sunry is guilty of the
murder.  I have this recording as proof.".  That's it, trial over, case closed.
Sunry will be put to death.  It's too bad, but we are a member of the Order on
the Light side, and we cannot lie or cover up his actions.  Leave the court,
and go across the path to the mercenary enclave.  Talk to Shaelas.

* 1: I have information for you, Shaelas.                                     *
* 2: The Sith are training the Selkath youth in the ways of the Dark Jedi.    *
* 3: I've convinced your daughter to turn her back on the Sith ways.          *
* 4: I hope so.                                                               *
* 5: Keep your credits, Shaelas.  A Jedi has no need of such rewards.         *

Return to Ahto West Central.

@ West Central @

There is nothing to do here, so make your way across to East Central.

@ East Central @

Back in East Central, make your way to the Republic Embassy, and speak with
Roland Wann.

* 1: Yes, here it is.                                                         *
* 2: What has the Republic done?                                              *
* 3: You violated the treaty?!?                                               *
* 4: Why have you not investigated?                                           *
* 5: How will I get down there?                                               *

Before we head down there, return all the way to Ahto West.

@ Ahto West @

Now that you're back, go to the mercenary enclave (where Shaelas was), and talk
to the Selkath who was interested in why the Republic was hiring all of those
mercenaries.  Remember?  No?  Well, his name is Nilko Bwaas.  Say:

* 1: Yes - they're sending them down to a secret base on the Hrakert Rift.    *
* 2: They can't.  The Republic has recently lost contact with the science     *
*    facility.                                                                *
* 3: I am going to investigate the Hrakert Rift.                              *

He gives you 500 credits, and leaves.  Now, run all the way back to East
Central, to the Republic Embassy.  At the embassy, go through the door behind
Roland, and make your way to the left, past the cell that used to hold the Sith
prisoner, and through the next two doors to enter the submarine bay.  Walk up
the small ramp to the sub entrance, and ride it down to the station.

@ Hrakert Station @

When you arrive at Hrakert, you'll be in the docking bay.  There are two
footlockers here that you can search (one next to the door, and one behind you
at the end of the bay).  Go through the doorway, and through the next door.  A
very paranoid Twi'lek will talk to you.  Tell him:

* 1: I'm _____.  Calm yourself down.                                          *
* 2: What happened here?                                                      *
* 3: What happened to the scientists?                                         *
* 4: I have to get into the station.                                          *
* 5: I have no choice.                                                        *

Walk past the mercenary, search the two footlockers, then enter the only door.
You'll be in a hallway with glass windows on both side, and you can see some
sharks.  You just know they'll come into play soon, don't you?  Search the
equipment pack by the corpse, then continue to the end of the hall and through
the door.  There is a door on your right, but ignore it for now.  Run to the
end of the hall, search the footlocker, then use the computer terminal.  Go
through all the security systems (assuming you have enough spikes) and kill
however many Selkath you can by venting gas into the various rooms.  Return to
the door you ignored (the one by the terminal doesn't work), and go through it.

You're in a hallway.  There will be three droids here, patroling.  If you chose
to corrupt their programming, they will attack each other when they run into
each other.  Kill them (if they are still alive) and enter the first door you
see on your right.

There are several Insane Selkath in here, so kill them all, then search the
corpse and the footlocker.  You can repair the faulty droid if you want.  Enter
the door in the middle of the room.

There are two Assault Droid's in here, but they shouldn't give you any trouble.
Kill them, then enter the door.  In this small room, enter the door on your
left, and you'll be in the central storage room.  Be sure to search the remains
and footlocker at the back, and you'll get a device and a memo.  Leave the
storage room, turn left, and go through the next door.  There is a shielded
heavy droid in here, so destroy it (use Stun Droid if you have it, or some
Sonic and Ion grenades).  In the next room, there are several lockers which
contain some items.  One of the lockers, however, contains a hiding person who,
by his voice, has obviously gone insane.  No matter what you say, you can't get
him out of the locker.  Search the environmental suit in the middle to get an
important item that's needed, then go through the other door in this room.

This is a room that you vented gas into.  Search all the remains and all of the
footlockers, then enter the next door.  Ignore the open path to the left and go
straight into the next door.  You're in an airlock chamber.  Search the remains
of the insane Selkath's, then approach the big airlock door.  You only have one
envirosuit, so your party will have to remain in the airlock chamber.

@ Sea Floor @

You're in what I consider the most annoying part of the game, because you move
so slow.  Walk forward and go left.  You'll see another person in an envirosuit
just up ahead, so walk to him.

* 1: I'm _____.  The Republic sent us down to investigate.                    *
* 2: What are you doing in the underwater section of the facility?            *
* 3: Okay, I'll come with you.                                                *

He'll start going down the path; follow him.  You can go down to the opposite
end of the hallway if you want, but there is nothing there.  You will see him
standing just outside (his voice has changed, for some reason).  Walk to him,
and he'll tell you to hurry up, just before he gets eaten by a shark.  Make
your way to the left (the right leads nowhere).  Whenever a shark gets near
you, use the sonic emitter to kill it.  To use the emitter, it's the last icon
on your quick action bar (where your Force Powers, items, etc. is).  Do not use
it until you see the shark charging you, otherwise you'll probably miss.
Follow the path around, killing sharks as you go.  You will pass a destroyed
section of wall, allowing you access inside, but don't go in.  Keep going, and
the path will split; take the left path, and walk to the door at the end.  For
some reason, it says locked, but the game loads the next area anyway.

@ Kolto Control @

When you're back inside, you'll still be by yourself, and you'll have to kill
some Selkath in this room.  Search the footlocker and their remains, then go
through the only door you can.  "Use" the force field on the left to get a
conversation going with the people behind it.  They think you're bad, and they
will start depressurizing the chamber.  You have one minute to convince them to
stop, or use the computer terminal behind you to override the system and
deactivate the chamber itself.  After, talk to them.  They'll explain a lot
about the base and what the Republic was doing, and will give you two ways to
kill the large shark, one with a light side outcome, and one with a dark side
outcome.  We want to use the fuel injector to destroy the machine, so when
given the option, choose "I will try to destroy the harvesting machine.".
Search all the rooms for some items, then return to the sea floor through the
other airlock, the one in the room behind the scientists.

@ Hrakert Rift @

When the area loads, ignore the door on your left and run down the right path.
You will come to the control panel, and it isn't exactly hard to miss.  Access
it, and choose "Access fuel tank pressure control".  To fill up the pods
properly, fill the pods in this order:

Fill injector pod.
Transfer from injector to container.
Fill injector pod.
Transfer from injector to container.
Dump container pod.
Transfer from injector to container.
Fill injector pod.
Transfer from injector to container.

After doing this, a cutscene will take over, and the harvesting machine has
been destroyed.  Walk to the right of the machine, over the bridge.  The
firaxan lets you pass, and you can see the Star Map.  When you get close to it,
the game will take over, and you'll walk up to it automatically.  This Star Map
animation is longer, because it will show you the location of the Star Forge,
because you have the maps from Tatooine, Kashyyyk and Korriban.  After getting
the location, head back toward the entrance.  Remember the door to the left I
told you to ignore when you first got here?  Well, go through it.

@ Hrakert Station @

You're back inside the station, and your party is waiting for you.  Make your
way through the station, all the way back to the docking bay from which you

@ Ahto West @

Back at the embassy, leave the docking bay, and Roland Wann will be waiting for
you in the hall.  Tell him:

* 1: Your construction woke something up.                                     *
* 2: A gigantic firaxan shark that drove all the Selkath insane.              *
* 3: A few scientists have survived.                                          *
* 4: The harvesting machine was destroyed.                                    *
* 5: Yes I did.                                                               *

Leave the embassy.  As you do so, you are again ambushed by Selkath authorities
who want you arrested for what you did in the ocean.  Tell him "Very well.  I
will come peacefully.", then the game will load and you'll be in the court.  To
get out of this, say:

* 1: The explosions were at the research station both our governments set up  *
*    there.                                                                   *
* 2: The entire station had been driven mad.                                  *
* 3: A giant firaxan shark was woken up by the harvester.                     *
* 4: I destroyed the machinery to save it.                                    *

Return to the Ebon Hawk, all the way back at the docking bay.  We're going to
leave Manaan.

Before heading to the Star Forge, let's take care of a few things.  Head back
to Tatooine, and take Canderous with you.  Make your way to the Dune Seas.  Run
to the right side of the Sandcrawler (where you helped the miners) and you will
be stopped by Jagi and a group of friends.

* 1: I came by my own will.                                                   *
* 2: I think you both need to calm down.                                      *
* 3: Why do you need to fight him, Canderous?                                 *
* 4: You sent your own men to die, Canderous?                                 *
* 5: [Persuade] Jagi, what he did was a smart tactical move.                  *
* 6: He may have saved other lives by doing what he did.                      *
* 7: You do not have to do this!                                              *

No matter what way you choose, you will have to fight.  Jagi kills himself, but
the two Rodian's he brought will attack you.  They are beyond easy.  When they
are dead, return to the Ebon Hawk.  Go to the cockpit, use the map, and travel
to the Star Forge.