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Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection is easily the best Street Fighter collection available so far!
Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection screenshot
Too slow a start and too much bland are fatal for this Sword Art Online game.
Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet screenshot
Don't get rid of your 3DS just yet.
Alliance Alive screenshot
A decent Koei Tecmo crossover experience for fans of the Warriors style of gameplay.
Warriors All-Stars screenshot
A beautiful new Monster Hunter, but devoid of the soul of the series.
Monster Hunter: World screenshot
An amazing masterpiece of a game.
Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology screenshot
You'll need to be a master tactician to master Masters of Anima.
Masters of Anima screenshot
Minit gives you a minute to win it, and if you don't, it gives you another minute.
Minit screenshot
Blanka once again got caught up in another Street Fighter tournament and this time he has had a slight change in appearance.
Street Fighter V: Blanka Character (DLC) screenshot
The Enchantress comes ready to hex the rest of the Injustice 2 roster!
Injustice 2: Enchantress Character (DLC) screenshot
The heroes in a half shell are now in Injustice 2 and you can play as all four of them.
Injustice 2: TMNT Characters (DLC) screenshot
A good Yakuza game, but not the best the series has to offer.
Yakuza 6: The Song of Life screenshot
The story feels like it repeats itself on and on and on and on again.
Story Goes On screenshot
Far Cry 5 creates the series' most diabolical villain and brings him closer to home than ever before.
Far Cry 5 screenshot
Fans of the original Attack on Titan will find much to enjoy with the sequel.
Attack on Titan 2 screenshot