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Help Lucy solve the mystery of the forest surrounding Silentown.
Children of Silentown screenshot
Monster Hunter Rise is finally available outside of PC and Switch!
Monster Hunter Rise screenshot
Too random to be too much fun.
Dwarven Skykeep screenshot
If you like Dead Space, you definitely need to check out The Callisto Protocol.
Callisto Protocol screenshot
This look back at the first 50 years of Atari is a look into the future of how retro game collections should be made.
Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration screenshot
The Devil in Me livens up its gameplay with new mechanics, but the game is overall not as solid as House of Ashes.
The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me (DLC) screenshot
The Quarry has just surpassed Until Dawn as my new favorite interactive horror game. This is some high budget horror!
Quarry screenshot
The core Call of Duty gameplay is there, but Modern Warfare II has some issues and fails to be anything more than an average game in the series.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II screenshot
Do you like old-school survival horrors? If yes, then play Signalis now and thank me later!
Signalis screenshot
Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed is a fun little asymmetrical party game.
Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed screenshot
Scorn is an incredibly unique horror game. The visuals alone are worth the playthrough!
Scorn screenshot
It's time for a new beginning for EA’s long-running football franchise.
Madden NFL 23 screenshot
Midnight Fight Express is an intense button masher brawler that gets repetitive too quickly, but it’s still fun and actually quite deep.
Midnight Fight Express screenshot
Whateverland is equal parts charming and frustrating.
Whateverland screenshot
A thought-provoking journey to the bottom of the globe.
South of the Circle screenshot