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If you can survive WrestleQuest’s extensive commentary, there is a good RPG with some nice combat beneath.
WrestleQuest screenshot
Dead Man's Diary is too monotonous to truly enjoy.
Dead Man's Diary screenshot
Dimension Shellshock adds even more content to an already fantastic beat’em up.
Dimension Shellshock (DLC) screenshot
The on-field gameplay is better than ever, but everything surrounding it is in need of an overhaul.
Madden NFL 24 screenshot
I must admit... this game made me a family man.
Texas Chain Saw Massacre screenshot
Unholy sure does look good, but it doesn’t play that well.
Unholy screenshot
The streets are dangerous again. It’s time to call Billy and Jimmy Lee along with their many friends.
Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons screenshot
AEW Fight Forever is a good start to this franchise, but it’s lacking when compared to WWE games.
AEW: Fight Forever screenshot
I don’t know what’s scarier, the mediocre gameplay or putting up with these horrible characters.
Greyhill Incident screenshot
Fans of survival games should definitely give Aliens: Dark Descent a shot!
Aliens: Dark Descent screenshot
A doubleplusgood expansion to Sonic Origins that brings the Game Gear Sonic experience to the game.
Sonic Origins Plus (DLC) screenshot
Street Fighter VI has a little bit of everything but most importantly, it’s a fantastic fighter!
Street Fighter 6 screenshot
Sunbreak is finally available for PlayStation and Xbox. It’s time for some more hunting!
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak (DLC) screenshot
A multiplayer Crash game that will have you battling on foot rather than in karts.
Crash Team Rumble screenshot
Ghostwire Tokyo is a very unique experience and if you like Japanese folklore, you’ll love this game!
GhostWire: Tokyo screenshot