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Let Röki cast its spell on you.
Röki screenshot
Ay dog, you like Battletoads? Well, you probably won’t like this game then.
Battletoads screenshot
No Straight Roads is a straight and narrow track of a game - a trip with a mostly clear direction and pretty sights along the way.
No Straight Roads screenshot
We reckon that Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning is still worth the trip down seventh-generation lane.
Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning screenshot
EA Sports UFC 4's gameplay is overall better that its predecessor and the online now has a new mode.
EA Sports UFC 4 screenshot
Madden NFL 21 feels like it's more interested in running out the clock than it is in going for the extra yard.
Madden NFL 21 screenshot
Street Power Soccer regrettably lacks that oomph you pine for from an arcade sports title.
Street Power Soccer screenshot
Even with its short length, ZAAM held my interest all the way through.
ZAAM screenshot
While restrained to tired survival tropes, Windbound’s fantastic visuals and commendable ideas keep it sailing.
Windbound screenshot
New Super Lucky's Tale is a pure platformer pleasure. You'd be hard-pressed to find a collect-a-thon that looks and plays this silkily smooth.
New Super Lucky's Tale screenshot
Mortal Shell is more than a husk of tired Souls-like tropes - it tries to do something different and does so with ardor for its source material.
Mortal Shell screenshot
Crypto may look great, but he hasn't aged well.
Destroy All Humans screenshot
While the story is fine for the most part, What Happened to the gameplay?
What Happened screenshot
Maid of Sker is quite a unique survival horror game.
Maid of Sker screenshot
By golly, Cuphead is a swell shooter and then some! Music, graphics, gameplay - it's got it all! If only the animators Ub Iwerks and the Fleischer brothers could see this great work that they inspired...
Cuphead screenshot