Latest Game Reviews

Madison is one heck of a scary game that fans of Visage will really enjoy!
MADiSON screenshot
Sunbreak is the latest add-on for Monster Hunter Rise and it adds quite a bit more content, and if you like Monster Hunter Rise, you’ll enjoy Sunbreak just as much.
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak (DLC) screenshot
Backroom Beyond is a highly repetitive puzzle platform based off “The Backrooms” urban legend.
Backroom Beyond screenshot
Deadcraft is quite an addicting survival game for fans of survival games.
DEADCRAFT screenshot
PowerWash Simulator is for those who’d rather spend time cleaning than playing video games.
PowerWash Simulator screenshot
Once you leave your towers to rush into battle, you’ll find that things are just as challenging on the ground.
Legends of Kingdom Rush screenshot
Play through the genesis of the Sonic legend.
Sonic Origins screenshot
If this is what it looks like when Shredder takes his revenge, he should really seek vengeance more often.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge screenshot
Chinatown Detective Agency falls short in making its case that it’s fun to play.
Chinatown Detective Agency screenshot
Puzzle fans, donut pass this one up.
Freshly Frosted screenshot
Tunnels of Terror is OK, but come on, you can do better than this Turtle Rock!
Back 4 Blood: Tunnels of Terror (DLC) screenshot
Cheat your way to fame and fortune without ever actually playing cards.
Card Shark screenshot
One by one this game will take you! It is going to consume all of your free time.
Evil Dead: The Game screenshot
If only Trek to Yomi played as well as it looks.
Trek to Yomi screenshot
Paratopic may have a fantastic soundtrack, but it is definitely a love it or hate it type of game.
Paratopic screenshot