All games reviewed at The Gamers' Temple follow this rating key:


90% - 100% Excellent - Top-tier games and potential future classics.
70% - 89% Good - Games that stand out above the crowd and that most gamers will find enjoyable.
50% - 69% Average - Games that are not particularly innovative or that are not executed well.  These games typically possess flaws that limit their broad appeal and may only appeal to those with a strong interest in the subject matter.
30% - 49% Poor - Games with significant design flaws and shortcomings.  Best avoided as they will prove frustrating or uninteresting to most players.
1% - 29% Abysmal - Games that should never have been released to an unsuspecting public.  These are not worth a player's time no matter what the price.

The Gamers' Temple receives digital codes for or physical copies of the games reviewed on this site from their publishers or PR firms.

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