Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Ghost Recon 3 at E3

In the near future, America’s troops will make use of a new technology known as the Integrated Warfighter System (IWS). This system combines light but strong body armor that can withstand a hit from a 9mm round and an integrated heads-up display that connects the soldier to his comrades and to command and control through advanced satellite communications. This gives the soldier in the field the ability to identify friends and foes, call in assets such as helicopter strikes and pinpoint the desired target, and communicate with headquarters in real-time while out in the field. In Ghost Recon 3 you’ll have the chance to put this new system through its paces while under fire during a crisis in America’s own backyard.

The warfighter of the future.

The year is 2013 and Canada, Mexico, and the US have entered into a joint defense agreement. Fearing the loss of power to civilians and politicians, factions within the Mexican army decide to put an end to the agreement before it can be finalized by attacking the signing ceremony in Mexico City. With the presidents of three countries in danger and Mexican democracy hanging in the balance, the Ghosts are given free reign to commence military operations in Mexico City by the Mexican president and it will be up to you to put an end to the military coup attempt and to protect the life of the American president.

Ghost Recon 3 will mark a return to the more realistic combat found in the original game instead of continuing the action game-oriented gameplay introduced in Ghost Recon 2. It will be a game of urban combat, taking place in a Mexico City realistically created by the game’s developers. The game will consist of 12 missions, each divided further into sub-missions, providing about 20 hours of gameplay. In addition, the game will support split screen co-op play as well as multiplayer co-op online.

The IWS will present you with a wealth of information as you progress through the game. Friendly soldiers will be easily distinguishable from enemies through the use of green and red icons. Orders and updated intell will be provided via video link which will be displayed directly into your HUD. This same video link will let you communicate with support personnel such as Apache helicopter pilots so that you can call in a little help when you need it – you’ll even be able to see your designated target from the Apache’s point of view as it makes its final attack run. All of this information is presented in a way as to not block your vision of the surrounding area so that you can still see where you’re going. A light blue outline of the edge of your goggles serves to remind you that you’re seeing the same information through your IWS helmet that soldiers in the field will see when the system is deployed.

The Mexico City environments on display at E3 showed a good attention to detail, from small courtyards and city parks to large plazas and monument squares. The graphics look great for a game at Ghost Recon 3’s stage of development which means that the final product will feature top-notch visuals. The ability to call in air strikes was demonstrated as well – an APC pinning down the Ghosts was taken out in short order by a pair of Apaches called in by the player.

If you felt that Ghost Recon 2 was too much of an arcade shooter for your tastes, you’ll be happy to see Ghost Recon 3 return the series to its roots. The near future urban warfare combined with the ability to use tomorrow’s weapons today, make Ghost Recon 3 a game to watch for military shooter fans. Look for Ghost Recon 3 to be released near the end of 2005.