Dead Space 2 Multiplayer Hands-On

A little over a month ago, EA announced and showed off footage of the new multiplayer mode for the upcoming Dead Space 2. Recently EA gave out codes to the beta version of the Dead Space 2 multiplayer mode and I was fortunate enough to get a sneak peak of what EA has to offer. It's looking really good so far!

The multiplayer beta has one playable stage - a mines map. The map consists of two main open areas with tunnels in the middle. A shock mine lies in one of the open areas and three parts to activate the shock mine are spread throughout the map, in the tunnels and at the other end of the map. Players randomly take on the role of either a space engineer or a necromorph per round and they work in teams. The space engineers must find three part of the shock mine in order to activate it and destroy a door to get out of the mines before the necromorph infection spreads. The necromorph team must keep the space engineers from escaping by killing them off as quickly as possible before they can construct the space mine in the given time limit.

The space engineers play much like Isaac Clarke from the last Dead Space game. They come equipped with a plasma cutter and pulse rifle weapon by default. A javelin gun is available once enough points have been gained from playing a few games. You basically level up through frequent playthroughs to gain it. The plasma cutter works much like it did in the original Dead Space. Basically aim at a necromorph's appendages then cut off its appendages to kill it.

The pulse rifle delivers a rapid blast that will blow off appendages within a few shots. The javelin gun is a new weapon that fires out an explosive javelin that will hit a target then detonate seconds later. Space Engineers also have telekinesis and stasis powers just like Isaac Clarke. They can slow down necromorph enemies with stasis in order to aim at its vital appendages and kill it more accurately. Telekinesis is mainly used for grappling items in the beta.