Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Robbery for Fun and Profit

In previous Grand Theft Auto games one of the rewards of completing the game missions was a nice cash bonus. With so much more to spend money on in San Andreas such as food, tattoos, and clothing, you may be surprised to learn that not all of the missions in the game will earn you money. In San Andreas you’ll have a variety of motivations for taking on missions that include loyalty, respect, family, and just plain personal interest and that have nothing to do with financial gain. Luckily you’ll have a brand new way to make money in San Andreas that will allow you to pad your wallet – robbery. Why work for a living when you take other people’s stuff and fence it for cold hard cash?

CJ helps himself to a TV.

It won’t do you much good if you’re busted while burgling, so a little prep work will go along way towards making crime pay for you. First you need to pick your target and residences provide a nice source of loot such as TVs and stereos. They’re easy to carry and just as easy to sell to your fence. Of course breaking into homes in ritzier neighborhoods will reward you with a more valuable haul. Next you need to make sure that you have a good getaway vehicle. Moving vans do nicely since they’ll let you stash a lot of goods.

When breaking into people’s homes you don’t want to call attention to yourself or your identity. A quick visit to a clothing store will take care of both of these requirements. Most clothing stores sell ski masks which are great for hiding your face and as an added bonus you’ll switch into sneak mode when you pull the mask on. Sneak mode is great for keeping things nice and quiet while you’re making off with somebody’s VCR.

The last bit of prep work you’ll need to do is to get yourself a good burglar’s weapon. Should someone discover you creeping around their home, you’ll need to take them out quickly and quietly before they or their neighbors can alert the police. Try a bat or knife for some nice low-noise killing.

Now that you have all the pieces in place you’re ready to go on a crime spree – unless it is still daylight that is. Trying to rob places in broad daylight is a very risky proposition, so it’s best to wait for night. Once it is dark, you can break in and sneak around, being careful to stay quiet and not waking anyone. You have a few options here – you can grab the first thing of value that you see, sneak around looking for big ticket steals, or look for any residents and use your bat or knife to keep them silent while you make off with everything in sight.

Once you’ve got your hands on some goods, it is time to visit your fence. Hold out for a good price for your swag and then go spend your dough on food and clothes, or save it up to purchase property or businesses.

Once you’ve gotten your haul secured in your van, a trip to your fence is definitely in order. Make sure you get a fair price for your efforts. Robbery is a growth industry—the money you make can be used to purchase any number of items from clothes and food to guns and properties—even businesses. It takes money to make money so why not take some money?