The Sims Makin' Magic An Interview with Jonathan Knight.

Gardening gnomes?  Pink flamingo dancers?  Skeletons in the closet?  If you though the world of The Sims was already pretty wild, wait until your sims start casting spells, making potions, and raising pet dragons at home!  It's all part of the enchanted expansion for The Sims, Makin' Magic, that is due out in time to have your sims practicing magic by Halloween. 

We wanted to get a closer look at what happens when you mix magic and sims, so we asked the game's producer Jonathan Knight some questions about Makin' Magic and here is what he had to say:

What's a home without flamingo dancers?

GT: How does a Sim get started in the world of magic?

JK: A Magic Starter Kit is delivered to your front door by the Mysterious MagiCo Traveling Sales Rep.  The Starter Kit contains a genuine MagiCo Wand Charger, Family Spellbook, Magic Portal, and three Starter Ingredients.


GT: How are spells cast and what does a Sim need to cast spells? Magic ingredients? Spell power? A big cauldron and a pointy hat?

JK: Spells are cast by clicking on another Sim, and using your magic wand (previously charged in your Wand Charger).  There are also physical charms that can be created (with the EverAfter Crafter), and these hold magic properties that can be unleashed by clicking on them.  Both spells and charms are created by combining secret ingredients into the Wand Charger (or EverAfter Crafter).  Your Spellbook will clue you into the correct combination of ingredients.