The Sims Makin' Magic First Look

The Sims will be bowing out in 2004 to make way for The Sims 2, but before the original sims give way to their successors they intend to show that there is still some magic in the top-selling game franchise of all time.  The Sims Makin' Magic will be the final expansion game for The Sims, and it's designed to showcase the fun side of your sims by giving them the power to cast spells, make magic, and create charms.

Sims makin' some magic at home.

Sims begin their foray into the magical arts by unlocking spell recipes form the family spellbook, and by buying a magic starter kit from the MagiCo Traveling Salesman.  Your sim becomes better at magic with each successful spell he or she casts, unlocking more powerful spells to try.  To get the top spells, though, you'll need to meet special questing NPCs.  They'll give your sim special tasks to complete and puzzles to solve.  Succeed and you'll be rewarded with the most difficult and powerful spells in the game.

Spells can be used with good and bad intentions, and include spells to clean house and cook meals, meddle with relationships, animate objects, or even turn your enemies into frogs.  You'll need to be careful, though, as each spell has its own unique backfire if not cast correctly.  Watch out or you'll accidentally strike yourself with lightning or unleash a snake attack. 

Ever wish your sim had a little help around the house?  Now you can fulfill that wish thanks to the domestic minions.  Purchase a skeleton closet complete with a skeletal maid to keep your place spic and span.  Get a little help making your parties a smash by changing your garden flamingo into a charming and sexy hostess.  And can you think of anyone better to keep your yards and plants looking their best than a garden gnome?