Dungeon Siege II The Seventh Azunite Prophecy

Historical note: The following document is the final fragment of the prophetic scrolls recently discovered in the Agallan foothills. It is also the most cryptic. Whereas other prophecies have contained strikingly accurate predictions from current and recent times, the rising champion to which this prophecy refers has no clear parallel in recorded history. The only possible parallel is from an earlier obscure set of references in the second of these fragments, to "upstart seedlings" and a mysterious "Other." This final prophecy, however, seems to focus on one figure, though the reference to a band of "fivefold warriors" seems to indicate that the figure is not entirely solitary. As a whole, these prophecies continue to be remarkable, both for their clairvoyant clarity and their maddening enigma. -- Bidelia of Amanílu

And in this beginning shall be an end.

The upstart seedlings shall sprout together, and one shall spill his blood for the Other.

Heart fractured, vengeance fueled.

The Other shall gather the fivefold warriors, and shield them with a great soul.

That soul shall forge the fragments.

Waves of force, waifs of fortune.

The Other shall stand against the wave.

Souls riven, souls released.

Souls shall rise from the splintered rivulets.

The Other shall stand with the swirling spirits.

Mended portions, malice parried .

And the Other shall stand.