Tribes: Vengeance First Look - E3 2004

Tribes was one of the first shooters designed exclusively for online play, and its success played a big role in the growth in popularity of multiplayer online games. Tribes: Vengeance will continue the tradition of online multiplayer warfare by supporting battles of up to 32 players at once. However, Vengeance will bring something new to the Tribes series: single player gaming.

In Vengeance, the Empire is locked in an endless war with itself. Land, resources, revenge, you name it and they are fighting over it. The war has spanned generations but one mother has finally had enough and launches a quest to discover the truth about the war and help her daughter break out of the cycle of violence. This is the backdrop for the single player game in which youll get to play multiple roles as the story unfolds through multiple viewpoints.

The games locations will include caverns, ruins, wastelands, and coliseums, all brought to life by the Unreal engine. Realism will be the name of that game as characters will have facial expressions, vehicles will actually kick up dust, and weapons will have unique effects. Underneath the hood an advanced physics engine will deliver a realistic world in which you can jet-pack, ski, and pilot vehicles.

Tribes: Vengeance is due in stores in the latter part of 2004. Well bring you more details on the game as they become available.