BloodRayne What is BloodRayne?

BloodRayne is a new vampire-themed action game with a different twist on the genre.  In the game, you will take on the role of Agent BloodRayne, a half vampire/half human heroine who is as sexy as she is deadly.  Agent BloodRayne has been trained since childhood to hunt supernatural evil using lethal fighting techniques honed to take advantage of her superhuman gymnastic abilities.

ScreenshotsThe game takes place between the World Wars and Agent BloodRayne works for the top secret Brimstone Society.  The Brimstone Society watches the world for threats of supernatural origin, and is pledged to hunt down and destroy those threats.  Two of the society's missions that occur five years apart and are seemingly unrelated, in reality turn out to be connected by one man.  This man is an agent for Nazi Germany and has been searching for occult relics to give Germany an unholy edge in the coming war.  Agent BloodRayne must stop this man and face his elite Nazi troops in order to prevent the Nazis from releasing creatures of unfathomable terror onto the world in their unwavering quest for the artifacts and power. 

To put an end to the Nazi threat, Agent BloodRayne must travel to the darkest backwater bayous of Louisiana, a heavily fortified Argentinean submarine base, and an immense vampire-infested castle in Germany.  On her quest she discovers that she is facing far more than simple and random outbreaks of evil creatures.  Everything is connected in a large and complex plot perpetrated by the evil Jurgen Wulf as he seeks the most powerful occult artifacts in the world.

ScreenshotsThe game will feature non-linear gameplay that will encompass 40 levels spread across three worlds: Louisiana bayous, an Argentinean submarine base, and an evil castle in Nazi Germany.  Agent BloodRayne will have to face a variety of enemies, including Nazi troops, mutants, swamp creatures, ancient monsters, and evil vampires.  To aid her in her quest, she has numerous special abilities.  She can draw upon her vampire abilities to suck the blood of enemies for health.  Suck enough blood and you can set off her bloodlust, which will give you the ability to carry out very damaging special attacks. 

Agent BloodRayne can also execute fantastic acrobatic moves, and fully use the environment to her advantage - like dropping down on enemies from the rafters of a room.  She also has other abilities granted by her vampire roots: slow motion and zoom and aura vision. 

In addition to her special abilities, Agent BloodRayne can carry and make use of conventional weapons.  In addition to guns, she can make use of explosives and rocket launchers to eradicate both supernatural and mortal enemies.  The game will feature a special inventory system to help you manage your weapons and easily optimize your inventory - weapons will be automatically dropped and picked up so that you will always have the best weapon mix.

BloodRayne will be released on Halloween 2002.