The Sims Deluxe What is The Sims Deluxe?

The Sims Deluxe is not a brand new game, but is instead something a little old, a little new.  The Sims Deluxe will include the original The Sims game, as well as its first expansion, Livin' Large.  In addition, The Sims Deluxe will provide over 25 new objects and 50 new clothing options for your sims.  These new clothing choices and objects will be exclusive to The Sims Deluxe.

In addition, The Sims Deluxe will ship with a new tool known as the sims creator.  It will allow you to customize all of the details of your sim.  You'll be able to accessorize your sim with jewelry, ties, tattoos, and more.  The new tool even includes a face importer, allowing you to take a photo and turn it into your sim's face.

The Sims Deluxe will be shipping in September 2002.