Civilization III: Play The World A Brief Look

Civilization III players will have something to look forward to later this year.  Civilization III: Play the World will add new civilizations, game modes, and throw in a scenario editor to boot.  One of the best strategy games of last year just might get even better before it even reaches its first birthday.

First, there will be new leaders to challenge you - Genghis Khan, Hannibal, Queen Isabella, and five other new AI personalities will put you diplomatic and military skills, and your patience, to the test.  In addition, there will be eight new civilizations; two in each of the game's four eras.  Of course, there will be new scenarios as well to pit you against your new adversaries.

If you find that a particular conflict or era of interest is not covered by one of the game's scenarios, you're in luck.  A new scenario editor included with Play the World will give you the power to create scenarios from any time period.  You can even let your imagination run wild and create scenarios from alternate histories.  If you are particularly proud of your creation, you can share it with others, or you can try your hand at scenarios created by other players.

Speaking of other players, you won't be confined to playing their scenarios - you'll be able to take them on head-to-head.  Play the World adds full multiplayer support to Civilization III.  You'll be able to challenge other players in both turn-based and simultaneous mode, as well as a brand new turnless mode, a first for Civilization games.  There will also be several different types of multiplayer games supported, including elimination, dominations, regicide, and king of the mountain. 

We'll keep you posted on this promising expansion pack as more details become available.