Operation Flashpoint: Resistance A First Look

Operation Flashpoint: Resistance is the follow-on game to one of 2001's top action games, Operation Flashpoint.  This time the action takes place on the island of Nogova, a peaceful backwater about to face the brunt of a Soviet invasion.

ScreenshotsIn Operation Flashpoint: Resistance, you take on the role of Victor Troska, a former special forces operative who has turned his back on his former life and has settled down on the quiet island of Nogova.  His peaceful life is shattered when the Soviets invade his new home, and he finds that he can't just sit back and let his island be taken.

Through a 20 mission campaign game, you'll organize and lead the resistance forces to try and repel the unwelcome invaders.  As a resistance fighter, you will begin your struggle with scavenged and makeshift equipment - where you go from there depends on you.  The campaign features dynamic missions that will be affected by your efficiency in procuring and capturing weapons and ammunition, and in the type of resistance fighters you are able to rally to your cause.  Your force will be persistent from one mission to the next, so your success early on will have a big effect on your resources in future missions.

Like Operation Flashpoint, you'll have access to authentic military weapons and vehicles, and will be able to operate the vehicles yourself.  However, since you are not a part of a top military power this time around, any equipment you need will have to be captured from the Soviets.  In fact, there is a mission in the campaign game that centers around the capture of a Soviet tank that has been separated from its unit.

ScreenshotsResistance will feature the same degree of freedom afforded to players in Operation Flashpoint.  It is up to the player as to how to approach a mission, and the actions of the enemy are not scripted in the missions, leading to missions that never play the exact same way twice.  The island of Nogova is quite large for a game, featuring 100 square kilometers of terrain in which to maneuver and carry out your missions.

The game has undergone a graphics overhaul, and sports a brand new engine.  The result is even more realistic and detailed graphics than in the first game.  Expect more detailed terrain including deep valleys and steep mountains, as well as dynamic and more realistic lighting and time of day effects.

Resistance seems like it will be a winner with fans of the first game.  It will take a lot of the gameplay elements of the original game that were so enjoyable, but adds the challenge of developing a resistance movement and wraps it up in an even better graphics package. If you missed Operation Flashpoint, Resistance is your chance to see what all the fuss was about.  Look for Operation Flashpoint: Resistance this Summer.