Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords Developer Q&A

Strategy fans consider Galactic Civilizations to be one of the best grand strategic games of space empire building.  So when we heard that a sequel was in the works, we wanted to find out more about the game.  And who better to answer our questions than Brad Wardell, Designer and Project Manager for the game?  No one, that's who.  He was kind enough to answer our questions about the game, and we of course are happy to share his answers with you...

GT: Where does the game’s subtitle come from? Who are the Dread Lords?

BW: The Dread Lords are an ancient precursor race that had disappeared. Galactic Civilizations II comes with a dynamic campaign (players can still play in sand box mode, of course) in which players will progress through the story, which introduces this race of powerful ancient beings.


Space is your for the conquering.
GT: What types of missions will be included in the game’s campaign?

BW: There are about two dozen missions that take the player through the story. Most missions involve conquering a sector, defending a given planet, taking over a given planet, or making a given player reach a certain diplomatic level.


GT: In general what are the victory conditions in a game of GCII? Will players be free to choose their path to victory?

BW: This is one of our biggest strong points, as we have a lot of viable victory paths. Winning conditions include military conquest, technological victory, cultural victory and political victory. The new technology tree allows players to really pick and choose all kinds of unique strategies to achieve those ends.


GT: How large will the maps be and what types of pre-made maps will come with the game?

BW: We have tiny maps (3x3) all the way up to gigantic maps (14x14). Tiny maps can be completed in an evening, while gigantic maps can take weeks to complete. We will be including a series of pre-made maps as well (typically maps are randomly created each game) where we’ve placed special resources and planets that are key strategic objectives to help spice things up.


GT: Any plans for a map editor?

BW: We are not planning the release of a map editor with the initial release, but will likely include one with the expansion pack that’ll come out the following year.