True Crime: New York City Madam Cassandra Hartz

Madam Cassandra Hartz


As NYC's highest paid Madam, Cassandra Hartz has tons of juicy gossip at her disposal.

Madam Cassandra Hartz:

Role in the game: New York’s highest priced Madam.

Hooked into New York’s elite on both sides of the law, the Madam has her girls gathering information from all sources in order to protect her position as the number one runner of call girls in the city. Shrewd and potty-mouthed, Madam Cassandra runs Gotham's finest brothel out of her luxury penthouse, frequented by who's-who in NYC and beyond -- high-society figures, politicos, entertainment stars, and the kingpins of crime.

Cassandra is an insatiable voyeur and gossip junkie and her beauties are not only trained to please, but also to memorize what's spoken between the sheets…Her establishment is peppered with hidden cameras and microphones and no information escapes her, especially of the controversial kind.

Madam Cassandra is the queen of dirt and she knows how to wield it to her benefit -- an unsavory quality, which has allowed her to prosper beyond belief.

She’s all business, but keeps it friendly, especially since being friends with a cop like Marcus couldn’t hurt. Her main headaches come from a pair of vice cops, Bickell and Padilla.

She’s done favors for Special Agent Gabriel Whitting in the past, which has helped her immunity immensely.

Cassie’s role in the game is to get Marcus back on track when he hits a cold spot in a case or needs some extra cash in exchange for a favor.

Height: 5’7”
Weight: 130
Race: Caucasian
Age: 36