Holiday events come to Pangya

SG Interactive
Now through December 29th, Pangya players can find special Christmas Stockings on the online golf game's courses that can be redeemed for special items.


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From SG Interactive:

According to ancient Pangya Island folklore, there is a mysterious jolly fellow named Santa Boo living deep within the forests. During a certain time, when everyone is asleep, Santa Boo travels all over the island, hiding Christmas Stockings as he goes. These stockings can be brought to Cadie's Cauldron and exchanged for Santa Club Sets or Santa Boo Stockings.

Santa Boo Stockings will be filled with special gifts once a day by Santa Boo. Players can expect to find goodies such as comets, scratchy cards, card tickets, sweaters and more. Christmas Stockings will stop appearing on courses on December 29 and Santa Boo Stockings will disappear during the first server maintenance of 2011.


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