KontrolFreek announces Call of Duty: Black Ops FPS Freek Prestige

KontrolFreek will be releasing a limited edition FPS Freek Prestige model with the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops.


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From KontrolFreek:

The FPS Freek is well received among professional, hardcore, and casual gamers and has been proven to increase range of motion, reduce thumb fatigue, and improve accuracy. It is especially popular among players of the acclaimed Call of Duty (COD) franchise and many competitive gamers simply will not play without them.

The FPS Freek Prestige features a sleek all black profile with a laser-etched military-themed insignia design inside of a concave thumb rest, allowing for enhanced control and precision. Available in limited quantities this holiday season, the FPS Freek Prestige is available immediately for pre-order here.

The FPS Freek Prestige works on both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 controllers and by lengthening the controller's analog sticks, it allows for 40 percent greater leverage and range of motion, giving users the opportunity to hit targets much faster and more accurately. The increased leverage also offers better control and less exertion " adding more comfort to long gaming sessions.

These performance benefits work hand-in-hand with the new, high-stakes wager matches that give COD players a chance to gamble points and become the top players in a match. Since these matches are based on how adept a player is at wielding a variety of weapons and defeating their opponents, the FPS Freek Prestige gives users an advantage over their opponents allowing them to win more points that can be used to purchase highly coveted contracts, initiate player customizations, and acquire better weapons. Napalm strikes, remote controlled car bombs, and operational helicopters will all also be earned more easily with the FPS Freek Prestige in place.

"The reception of our FPS adapters have been extremely positive, and the FPS Freek Prestige follows in the tradition of giving players a means to play longer, react faster, and aim more accurately," said Ashish Mistry, KontrolFreek president and CEO. "COD: Black Ops is indeed a highly anticipated title and we are thrilled to deliver a product specially designed for COD fans, who have been great supporters of KontrolFreek products."


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