And Yet It Moves moves onto WiiWare

Broken Rules
Broken Rules today announced the North American launch of And Yet It Moves on Nintendo's WiiWare service.


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From Broken Rules:

This hotly anticipated summer release, based on the hit downloadable PC game, introduces all new levels, bonus modes and controls that will have players twisting and turning their Wii Remote™ to rotate the game world while avoiding obstacles as they progress through colorful levels. Experience a new twist on the game concept that won top spot in the 2007 Independent Games Festival Student Showcase. And Yet It Moves will be available for European Wii™ owners on August 27.

Key features of the game include:
- Advanced Platforming - Players run, jump and must rotate the world to solve puzzles.
- A Living World - Creatures such as bats, bees and monkeys populate the game world and react to ever-changing gravity.
- 20 Levels In Four Different Environments - Mind-bending puzzles set in an extraordinary paper collage world created with colored cardboard, brought to life with handmade sounds and music.
- Endless Replayability - Unlockables include bonus levels and competitive play modes: Time Trial, Limited Rotation, Speed Run, and Survival. Additional modifications can be unlocked that can change the entire game.
- Multiple Control Options - Play as you wish with 4 different control schemes. Use the motion sensor and Wii Remote pointer, or use the Classic Controller.


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