Patrician Online coming in 2011

Kalypso Media
Kalypso Media and gamigo today announced Patrician Online, an upcoming free-to-play online game which will be released in 2011.


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From Kalypso Media:

Patrician Online will be Kalypso‘s first title in their upcoming browser game lineup which will be produced in partnership with online games portal gamigo. Kalypso will first release a German-language version of Patrician Online, soon to be followed by an English-language release.

"We are very excited to announce Patrician Online, which will become the cornerstone of our online browser-based game portfolio," said Simon Hellwig, Global Managing Director of Kalypso Media. "Also, we are pleased to be launching it in partnership with gamigo, who are experts in the field of browser-based online games. We expect this will be an outstanding partnership that will extend into multiple titles over time."


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