Rock Band to get more Ministry

Harmonix today announced that three more tracks from Ministry will be available next week in the Rock Band Music Store.


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From Harmonix:

Founded in 1981 by Al Jourgensen, it took several band member changes and a total sound overhaul before Ministry finally broke into the mainstream with their 1991 hit "Jesus Built My Hotrod," which will be coming to Rock Band next week, and the ensuing LP Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed and the Way to Suck Eggs. Ministry disbanded in 2008, but over the course of the band's 27 years of performing, they paved the way for American industrial metal. Their songs have been featured in movies such as The Matrix, for which they received a Grammy Award nomination, and the 2009 Academy Award-winning film The Hurt Locker.

Next week, three tracks from Ministry will be available for Rock Band play. "Stigmata" from the album The Land of Rape and Honey (1987-88), "Thieves" from A Mind is A Terrible Thing to Taste (1989-90), and "Jesus Built My Hotrod" from Psalm 69 will be available for purchase in the Rock Band Music Store.


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