Hyperkin launches Tough Dance Platform for DDR

Hyperkin has announced the launch of their Tough Non-Slip Dance Platform for DDR games.


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From Hyperkin:

The DDRGame branded Tough Non-Slip Dance Platform, the industry's first dance pad that features intelligent groove-texture arrows and is designed with an extremely durable, curl-resistant material. And with the built-in 4 in 1 multi-platform connecter, the Tough Non-Slip Dance Platform is compatible with PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Nintendo Wii, PC/Mac, as well as PlayStation 3 using an optional adapter.

The Tough Non-Slip Dance Platform features a high graded EVA dancing surface that significantly reduces tearing on the dance mat, and the tough dancing surface is curl-resistant so that the dance pad will not curl upwards over an extended period time. Its non-slip bottom is made with a specially designed microfiber material that prevents the platform from moving around on carpet or hardwood floors.

Built with durability, comfort and performance in mind, the Tough Non-Slip Dance Platform represents a new series of dance platforms that will transform the way gamers play Dance Dance Revolution. The Tough Non-Slip Dance Platform is the first dance platform that features intelligent groove-texture arrows on the dance surface. The strategically crafted and placed groove textures allow you to differentiate your steps on the dance surface and provide players with a greater sense of awareness and coordination. In addition, stepping on the groove textures soothe your sore and tired feet. No, seriously.

"Whether you are a complete novice or a DDR expert, the Tough Non-Slip Dance Platform sets the bar for comfort, durability and performance," stated Steven Mar, Hyperkin's Marketing Director. "This is the toughest dance pad design anywhere."

Product Highlights: High grade EVA dancing surface significantly reduces surface tearing Curl-resistant dance surface prevents dance mat edges from curling upwards Foldable pad for easy travel and storage Microfiber non-slip material prevents mat from sliding on carpet or hardwood floor Intelligent groove-texture arrows allow players to differentiate steps on the dance surface Groove-texture arrows give players a greater sense of awareness and coordination Groove-texture arrows soothe sore and tired feet Multi-platform 4-in-1 connector - compatible with Playstation, Playstation 2, Xbox, PC/Mac and Nintendo Wii (not compatible with Xbox 360) SRP: $69.99


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