Arsenal of Democracy available for PC

Paradox Interactive
Paradox Interactive announced today that Arsenal of Democracy is now available.


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From Paradox Interactive:

Developed by BL-Logic, Arsenal of Democracy's focus on historical accuracy, realism and strategic depth, as well as countless tweaks, improvements and new features breathe new life into the core Hearts of Iron II experience upon which the game was built.

Arsenal of Democracy main features:
- Rewrite history at the helm of any nation during World War II in a variety of other scenarios in single-player or multiplayer modes
- Topple your enemies using advanced combat mechanics on land, in the air and at sea, based on historical research and the work of military theorists
- Master the most detailed and flexible economic and production systems found in any Hearts of Iron game
- Keep your war efforts operating smoothly with a realistic logistics and trading subsystem
- Engage in espionage, intelligence, diplomacy and global trade to give your nation a decisive edge
- Determine your country's National Identity, Social Policy and Ethnic Culture
- Create your own campaigns, units, countries, minister traits, national ideas and more with extensive mod capabilities
- Experience classic Hearts of Iron gameplay improved with a fine-tuned technology tree, better game balance, advanced statistics and polished graphics


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