Endless Ocean: Blue World arrives on February 22nd

Nintendo today announced that Endless Ocean: Blue World will be available for Wii on February 22nd and will be available bundled with a Wii Speak microphone.


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From Nintendo:

Endless Ocean: Blue World features an original story that players can follow as they choose. The plot involves Oceana, a girl who investigates the "Song of Dragons," which her father, a prominent ocean explorer, sought before his death. Players can advance the story by exploring the game's stunning underwater environments at their own pace.

"Endless Ocean: Blue World gives Wii owners the chance to take a round-the-world vacation from the comfort of their living rooms," said Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America's executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. "With exotic locations and hundreds of new marine animals to encounter, the game's adventures are as vast as the ocean itself."

Two years ago, the original Endless Ocean invited Wii owners to embark on a relaxing, richly immersive dive through undersea environments filled with fascinating marine animals and plant species. Endless Ocean: Blue World dives even deeper with more captivating creatures, enhanced graphics, an engaging new story and support for the optional Wii Speak microphone, which allows players with a broadband Internet connection to chat with friends near and far who also have the Wii Speak accessory/microphone while they play and explore the ocean depths.

As they investigate marine environments in regions around the globe, players can access information about the habits and behaviors of hundreds of sea creatures, from tiny seahorses to tanker-sized whales. They can also interact with creatures in interesting ways, such as viewing the health status of local fish. A new Pulsar tool sends waves of healing energy to ailing animals or calms aggressive sharks and crocodiles. Players also can train dolphins at the scenic Nineball Island and even grab onto them for a speedy undersea dive. For deeper interactive kicks, divers can sell salvaged items and use the dividends to buy coral that will attract new species to their own customized reefs.

With a broadband Internet connection, Endless Ocean: Blue World becomes a one-of-a-kind social experience. Using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, two players with their own individual game discs can connect wirelessly and join up for a cooperative dive. Players with Wii Speak microphones can talk to each other in real-time as they navigate the watery depths in search of rare species or hidden treasure. To facilitate this undersea chatter, Endless Ocean: Blue World is available bundled with the Wii Speak microphone at a suggested retail price of just $29.99, a great value that's sure to set explorers of all ages off on new adventures.


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