The Sims come to the iPod

EA today announced that The Sims Bowling is now available for the iPod.


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From EA:

“iPod is an extremely rewarding platform on which to develop games that are beautiful and fun to play,” said Travis Boatman, vice president of worldwide studios for EA Mobile. “The Sims Bowling is a game that captures the lifestyle-oriented nature of The Sims, while delivering a meticulously crafted bowling game for the iPod.”

Strikes and spares aren’t the only objective in The Sims Bowling – your Sim’s greatest hope is to become the beloved star of his local bowling alley and your performance on the lane determines whether that aspiration is fulfilled. Your Sim also earns valuable Simoleons that can be used to purchase skill-enhancing products such as a new ball, glove, wax and more. From shirt to shoe, you customize your Sim in true Sims style.

Additionally, you can choose to compete in one of many game modes, including Classic, Strike-O-Thon and Spare-O-Thon games. As with all EA Mobile games, The Sims Bowling is designed to be easy to pick-up-and-play, but challenging to master. After honing your skills in practice mode, you can play against friends with the Pass ‘n Play feature as well. iPod gamers can simultaneously listen to their favorite tunes from their own playlist or choose to listen to the game’s soundtrack.


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