DJ Star spins onto DS

Deep Silver
Deep Silver today announced the release of DJ Star for the DS.


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From Deep Silver:

In the game's career mode, players start out by performing at small private parties and work their way up, gaining recognition and finally becoming the world's best disc jockey. The artist travels from one gig to the next in super-clubs throughout the world, including New York, Miami, Tokyo, Paris, Berlin and London. Players get to scratch in real time using the Nintendo DS Touch Screen. The innovative title includes several genuine DJ features and 40 well-known songs from the genres of electro, R&B, and more, as well as numerous mini-games.

"DJ Star" enthrals players with its excellent sound quality, and is easy to learn even for players who have never used a turntable before. A step-by-step introduction and easy-to-use interface enable fans to learn how to mix and create their own songs in short order. With 200 samples and a simple user interface, musicians in the handheld world can compose great hits with just a few moves of the Nintendo DS stylus. They can also exchange their best songs with friends using DS Wireless Communications.


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