Inferno Pool cued up on Xbox Live Arcade

Deep Silver
Deep Silver today announced that Inferno Pool is now available on Xbox Live Arcade.


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From Deep Silver:

"Inferno Pool" is a revolutionary new arcade Pool/Billiards game where 1-4 local or online players battle to clear their tables while firing potted balls at opponents. Players can stockpile balls for a later onslaught, nominate their victims, and unleash devastating ball streaks and outrageous skill shots to trigger the punishing Inferno Mode. Alliances will be formed, friends will be betrayed, and the battle isn't over until the stat screen appears. The game also includes classic 8 ball and 9 ball modes for 1-2 players, and the addictive, Inferno-fueled, race against the clock Endurance Mode.

Thanks to simple controls, incredible ball physics, and super-smooth gameplay, "Inferno Pool" is easy to pick up and play. However to become a true hustler players must master Combos, Bank Shots, Kick Shots, Jump Shots, and multiballs and unleash the devastation of Inferno Mode where flames fly out of the pockets and potting power is doubled. Inferno Pool includes unlockable ball designs, scalable AI opponents, practice modes, selectable arenas and table designs, stunning 60fps HD graphics, online leaderboards and challenging achievements.

Moreover, "Inferno Pool" offers an Endurance mode where players try to sink balls under time pressure. Other features include scalable AI opponents, stunning HD graphics, online rankings, and challenging achievements.


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