Cake Mania 3 now on DS

Majesco today announced the availability of Cake Mania 3 for the DS.


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From Majesco:

In Cake Mania 3, disaster strikes baker Jill Evans as she prepares for her wedding day. A mysterious "time bender" has crashed into the bakery and caused her loved ones to disappear. To rescue them in time for her ceremony, Jill must travel through time and use her cake-making magic on everyone that she encounters - or risk losing her friends and family forever!

Cake Mania 3 puts players in Jill's shoes as they serve 30 hilarious new customers, including Medieval Wizards, Ancient Egyptian Mummies and more. The game's 84 levels of baking bedlam stretch through six different themed environments that each includes its own unique cake style. In addition, players can customize Jill's kitchen with 50 unique upgrades including new appliances like the Fridge and Hot Drink Machine. For the first time in the series, Cake Mania 3 also includes three new mini games that will further challenge a baker's speed and accuracy.


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