Pre-order Tony Hawk: RIDE, get access to Quiksilver All 80s All Day level

Activision announced today that customers who pre-order Tony Hawk: RIDE at GameStop between now and Nov. 17 will receive a code on release day to the Quiksilver All 80s All Day level.


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From Activision:

The unlockable Quiksilver level was inspired by a real Quiksilver event, which Tony Hawk won, in Dec. 2008 ( ) and drops players straight into an All 80s inspired experience. The level allows players to skate on a full 80's styled vert ramp, dressed in an authentic Quiksilver retro wardrobe, executing a special, vintage trick list and features an 80s version of Tony Hawk himself. In addition to the Quicksilver level, the code will also unlock legendary skater Christian Hosoi.

Tony Hawk: RIDE features a wireless skateboard controller, designed in conjunction with the game, that offers a dynamic gaming experience built from the ground up. Using a combination of accelerometers and motion sensors, the intuitive controller allows players to physically control the action by performing various movements and gestures on the board that directly translate into amazing tricks. Without complex button combinations or analog sticks, gamers of various skill levels can literally step on the board and play!


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