Darkest of Days gets launch date

Phantom EFX
Phantom EFX announced today that their Darkest of Days is set to launch on September 8, 2009.


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From Phantom EFX:

Working on Darkest of Days has been, without a doubt, the crowning achievement in both my personal career and that of Phantom EFX," said Aaron Schurman, CEO of Phantom EFX. "The past few years, everyone here and at 8monkey Labs has been working incredibly hard to create this title, one that we feel will give gamers plenty of memorable entertainment and serve as a gigantic breath of fresh air into the FPS genre."

Have you ever wondered what could happen if time travel was a reality? Have you ever thought about the possibility of going back in time to rewrite history for the better? That possibility is a reality in Darkest of Days, where players will travel back and forth through the annals time to relive some mankind's most dire hours. By fighting through terrible events such as The Battle of Antietam, the bloodiest conflict of the Civil War, and both World War I and II, the player will attempt to save certain key individuals who were never meant to become involved in these truly monstrous events and thereby change human history for the better.

In Darkest of Days, you take on the role of Alexander Morris, an unlucky foot soldier who gets transferred to General Custer's regiment days before the Battle of Little Bighorn. Moments before his inevitable demise, a futuristic time agent warps in to save Morris and transports him to the future where he is told that time travel is now a reality. However, an unknown faction is attempting to re-write history for their own benefit. Your job is to stop them, and you'll fight your way through eras spanning thousands of years to do it.


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