CID The Dummy crashes into stores

O-Games announced today that CID The Dummy is now available in stores nationwide for the Wii, PSP, and PlayStation 2.


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From O-Games:

CID The Dummy is set in a world where crash impact dummies test everything for safety - from steamrollers, to escalators, to books, blenders and even lemonade. You take on the role of CID, a crash impact dummy who is sick of the same old routine and stuck in a rut. One day, CID receives the mission of a lifetime - to save the Professor's daughter from the evil D-Troit, the most vengeful super villain in the world!

CID The Dummy is your chance to crash, smash, and battle cruel robot villains in order to rescue the most beautiful girl in the world! You'll experience over 20 different levels of adventure, discover new weapons, and perform a variety of moves to win several action-packed boss fights and help you save the day!


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