PDC World Championship Darts launches

O-Games announced today that PDC World Championship Darts shiped for the Wii, DS, Playstation 2, and PSP.


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From O-Games:

PDC World Championship Darts challenges players to throw the best dart game of their life in order to earn the best score and win the championship," says Greg Lanz, General Manager of O-Games. "This game engages the entire family by providing competition and fun all in one!"

PDC World Championship Darts Game Features:

Sixteen PDC Champion players to play as or to compete against.
Compete against the PDC players using real life averages from major tournaments and based on actual playing characteristics: stamina, belief, pressure, complacency, and accuracy.
Four Game Modes: Exhibition, Tournament, Career, and Party Games. In Depth Career Mode, reflecting a player's progress through the PDC calendar, featuring seven of the major PDC tournaments.
Three difficulty levels for extended play and learning curves: Amateur, Professional, and Master.
Character Editor: Customize everything from your jersey color and style to your name, nationality and throwing angle. Commentaries from television's "Voice of Darts" Sid Waddell and top level match referee Bruce Spendley.
Seven real-world tournament sets and locations common to the PDC circuit. Game stats displayed in-game, at the end of match and store high-scores and trivia.
Live tournament sound effects including flying darts, audience and commentary.
Change the sensitivity of the Wii Remote to tailor your own throw style.


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