History Great Empires: Rome invades DS

Valcon Games
Valcon Games announced today that its Nintendo DS game History Great Empires: Rome is now shipping in North America.


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From Valcon Games:

This classic turn-based strategy game is set in an epic historical era - the Roman Empire, where players take on the role of an Emperor. With 6 campaigns from the unification of Italy to the conquest of Britain, History Great Empires: Rome offers would-be conquerors action-packed tactical warfare, resource management, diplomacy, and mini-games. Players can match wits with Julius Caesar and Marcus Aurelius to build one of the greatest empires the world has ever seen.

"Valcon Games is pleased to be working with two great partners, HISTORY and Slitherine, on History Great Empires: Rome. Together, we are bringing to market every Nintendo DS' strategist's dream - action, strategy and historical warfare," said Glenn Halseth, co-founder of Valcon Games.

History Great Empires: Rome delivers the depth and replay value of a great strategy game, where each game provides a unique outcome based on the decisions of the player, the alliances they form and the enemies they engage in battle. Nintendo DS strategists must start by building their economies, armies and alliances before conquering the world.


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