Tobin Bell to be Jigsaw in the Saw game

Konami today announced that actor Tobin Bell will voice Jigsaw in the game SAW.


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From Konami:

From the company that pioneered the survival horror genre, SAW is being developed for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and the PS3 computer entertainment system. SAW will also be available via download on Windows PC. The game will be released this fall timed to Lionsgate's October 23 theatrical release of SAW VI.

Garnering two MTV Movie Award nominations and three consecutive Spike TV Scream Awards nominations for "Best Villain," and winning the Fuse/Fangoria Chainsaw Award for "Best Butcher," Bell's Jigsaw is widely regarded as one of cinema's most terrifying villains. His chilling and immediately recognizable voice is essential to the terror, because he rarely confronts his victims in person, preferring to communicate via recordings, speaking through a puppet named Billy. Jigsaw traps his victims in brutal mechanical devices and forces them to acknowledge the mistakes in their life while testing their resolve to live, usually with gruesome and deadly consequences.

"SAW fans are very vocal, and the one thing they've been shouting since we announced the game is that Tobin Bell absolutely must be the voice of Jigsaw," said David Daniels, Director of Marketing for Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. "It never occurred to us to even try and make a SAW game without Tobin. His voice is one of those intangible elements that make a SAW movie feel like a SAW movie; so having him voice the game was crucial."

"We are so proud to see the SAW franchise extended through Konami's game, which captures the ethos of Jigsaw and the terror of being caught in one of his games with complete authenticity," added the films' producers Mark Burg and Oren Koules of Twisted Pictures.

Aubrey McClure, Lionsgate's Senior Vice President of Promotions and Licensing, agrees: "This partnership has been about assembling the perfect team to further immerse fans in the SAW universe in a way that feels organic. Tobin Bell, Twisted Pictures, and Konami have all been essential parts of that team with us and we are thrilled at the end result of this collaboration."

And, added the master of terror himself Tobin Bell, "I am so proud to have voiced Jigsaw in this game. I've been very impressed with mechanics of the game. It's terrifyingly smart and intriguing to me! It is a fitting follow-up to the tantalizing games of SAW."


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