Saints Row 2 DLC announced

THQ today announced the first downloadable content pack for Saints Row 2, titled Ultor Exposed, is scheduled for release on April 16th.


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From THQ:

Ultor Exposed will feature an all-new mission arc starring adult film star Tera Patrick, as well as new vehicles, multiplayer maps, customization options and co-op activities. The Saints Row 2 downloadable content will be available on Xbox LIVE for 800 Microsoft points and PlayStation Network for $9.99. To see a full list of Ultor Exposed content, visit

THQ today also announced plans to release a total of three downloadable content packs for Saints Row 2, starting with Ultor Exposed. Details on the other two packs will be available soon. For the latest information on Saints Row 2 and the downloadable content, visit

About Saints Row 2: Ultor Exposed

In Ultor Exposed, the first downloadable content for Saints Row 2, gamers will return to Stilwater to expose the Ultor Corporations latest plans while trying to bring down the evil company once and for all. Players will battle through three all new co-op enabled missions starring adult film star Tera Patrick, while commandeering new air and ground vehicles such as an attack aircraft and a luxury sports car. Ultor Exposed will offer all new customization options, including new hairstyles, clothing and costumes, along with new multiplayer maps for the Strong Arm and Gangsta Brawl multiplayer modes. Ultor Exposed will be available April 16th on Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network.


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