Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor goes gold

THQ today announced that Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor has gone gold.


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From THQ:

Developed by award-winning Real-Time Strategy (RTS) developer, Relic Entertainment, Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor offers three, intense single-player campaigns, three new multiplayer modes and an innovative "direct-fire" feature that offers an unprecedented amount of control on the battlefield. Scheduled for a nationwide release at all major retail and online outlets on April 9, 2009, Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor will be available as a Games for Windows PC title for a suggested retail price of $29.99.

"Building upon the recent critical and commercial success of Dawn of War II, Relic Entertainment is set to deliver the next great chapter in the award-winning Company of Heroes franchise," said Kevin Kraff, vice president of global brand management, THQ. "Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor strengthens Relic Entertainment's reputation as a leading RTS developer, with an unwavering dedication to innovative, ground-breaking gameplay experiences."

"Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor brings an exceptional amount of tactical control and intimate combat to the franchise," said Tarrnie Williams, general manager, Relic Entertainment. "The three new single-player campaigns, new multiplayer modes and advanced gameplay mechanics emphasize precision and require players to use a new level of strategy and skill to achieve victory during the historic battles of World War II."


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