Go Play games announced for Wii

Majesco today announced a new series of games for the Wii.


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From Majesco:

The first title in the line is Go Play Lumberjax which is slated to launch late spring. Additional games include Go Play City Sports and Go Play Circus Star which will roll out in Summer and Fall respectively.

"The Go Play brand is intended to deliver on the promise of active, fun, family friendly game experiences," said Gui Karyo, Executive Vice President of Operations. "Our first three products intermix every day activities with imagination to define an overarching label that means 'motion-based fun for everyone.'"

Go Play Lumberjax is a competitive party game that lets players use the Wii Remote to chop, climb, saw and logroll to victory in more than 15 fun outdoor events. Go Play City Sports features six classic games played on street "courts" filled with manhole covers and parked cars. Finally, Go Play Circus Star lets players perform for the big top crowds in 15 different games. All three Go Play games also include support for the Wii Balance Board accessory.


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