2K Sports reveals The BIGS soundtrack

2K Sports
2K Sports today revealed the soundtrack for their upcoming game, The BIGS.


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From 2K Sports:

“In The BIGS, everything is to the extreme, from the colossal baseball players to the surreal stadiums, so we wanted a soundtrack that would capture the magnified nature of the game,” said Tim Rosa, 2K Sports’ Director of Brand and Lifestyle Marketing.

Track listing:

  • Stone Temple Pilots - Plush
  • Screaming Trees - Nearly Lost You
  • Jane’s Addiction - Ocean Size
  • Killing Joke - Millennium
  • Rollins Band - Tearing
  • White Zombie - More Human than Human
  • Midnight Oil - Dreamworld
  • Fu Manchu - Hung out to Dry
  • Motorhead - Ace of Spades
  • The Stooges - Down On The Street
  • Primus - Jerry Was A Racecar Driver
  • Blue October - Somebody
  • Satellite Party - Insanity Rains
  • Highbench - Satisfied

The BIGS brings blazing graphics to huge proportions with larger-than-life player models and ballparks. Featuring fantastic pitching, batting, and fielding animations, gamers can also take advantage of spectacular power-ups with outrageous special effects. As a standard for all major 2K Sports titles, The BIGS features online play for up to four players, making it a grand slam for online baseball battles.


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