Space for Sale sets Early Access landing date

THQ Nordic
The cozy space sim Space for Sale will come to Steam Early Access on July 30th.

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From THQ Nordic:
Space for Sale

T-21 days, Ladies and Gentlemen! Fifty-five years ago, in July 1969, mankind took its first steps on the moon, ending the race to space. Described as "a small step for a man, a giant leap for mankind", this historic event marked the beginning of a new era. On July 30th, 2024, our cozy space simulation game, Space for Sale, will launch into early access orbit on Steam, inviting players from all galaxies to join the fun. We shall let future generations decide if this day also marks a historic event of similar magnitude for all mankind.

Space for Sale offers an immersive experience of exploring exotic alien planets, constructing charming habitats for a demanding interplanetary clientele, and learning about each planet's unique flora and fauna to better adapt to it.

While we haven't invented time travel yet and cannot launch our interplanetary adventure immediately, we are thrilled to announce that a playable demo of Space for Sale is available right now on Steam. Check it out here.

While you wait for the demo to download, take a look at our Space for Sale trailer compilation to learn more about the game.

To dive even deeper into all the exciting features Space for Sale has to offer (including co-op play!), check out the developer diaries. Mirage Game Studios, creators of the critically acclaimed Little Big Workshop, will share insights about their new project.

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