Stern Pinball unleashing Godzilla on Comic-Con

Stern Pinball
Stern Pinball is celebrating the 70th Anniversary of Godzilla with the debut of their Godzilla 70th Anniversary Premium Edition pinball machine at San Diego Comic-Con 2024.

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From Stern Pinball:
Godzilla 70th Anniversary Premium Edition pinball machine

One of Stern’s most popular, monster-packed pinball adventures, the Godzilla Pinball Machine allows players to progress through the game as Godzilla, fighting with their allies, Mothra, Rodan, and Anguirus, to battle the Xilien invasion and conquer Mechagodzilla to become King of the Monsters!

To celebrate this platinum anniversary, the team at Stern has created a special 70th Anniversary Premium Edition version of their Godzilla pinball machine. A dynamic black and white edition, the pinball game features special foil greyscale decals on the cabinet, new greyscale color toys and special backglass artwork to commemorate the special anniversary. Godzilla 70th Anniversary Premium Editions will be available worldwide.

“Godzilla’s 70th anniversary is a huge milestone for the time-honored franchise,” said Seth Davis, President and CEO of Stern Pinball, Inc. “In a continuing partnership with Toho, we’re thrilled to be a part of the global celebration by providing an all-new product and content update for all fans to enjoy.”

For Godzilla fans looking for even more kaiju-fighting fun, Stern has created an adrenaline-inducing software update available for all existing models of the game. The update introduces the King of the Monsters via a Challenge Mode. The King of the Monsters Challenge can be accessed through the game mode menu, and features the same standard mode rules as the original Wizard Mode. Players can also compete for the top score in a new ‘High Score To Date’ table added exclusively for this challenge mode.

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