Block drop kingdom builder Drop Duchy revealed

The Arcade Crew
The puzzle/strategy game Drop Duchy is coming to Steam later this year.

The Mercury
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From The Arcade Crew:

Even tacticians with lifelong block-stacking skills will need to rethink their playstyle in the refreshing strategy roguelite hybrid Drop Duchy. Drop Duchy will release later this year on PC via Steam from publisher The Arcade Crew (The Last Spell, Infernax) and developer Sleepy Mill Studio following its playable debut demo set to arrive on Steam in the coming weeks.

Drop Duchy’s announcing trailer debuts its inventive take on the classic cascading block gameplay we all know and love, changing the traditional goal from tidily filling lines to thoughtfully building a kingdom from different types and shapes of pieces:

Choosing which structures are placed next to blocks of lush forests, streams or grassy plains dictates whether the land’s resources can be optimally utilized while growing a bustling realm. But extra goods aren’t the only thing at stake; mercenary camps will also benefit when placed beside certain terrain, calling for a challenging balance of earning perks while denying foes critical advantages before a climactic clash of forces.

The intuitive, puzzle-esque nature of placing pieces makes Drop Duchy’s rewarding complexity welcoming to all. Well-played rounds lead a kingdom’s forces to branching, decision-packed routes in a grand march to storm an enemy fortress. Unlock upgrades and modifiers in the form of cards, gaining new bonus-granting structures, boosts to soldier recruitment & resource gathering, and other perks through deep deck customization. Should forces fall before claiming the fortress as their own, jumping into a new round to experiment with an altered strategy takes a matter of seconds.

New factions and modifiers await the most formidable leaders, keeping Drop Duchy’s gameplay loop of block stacking, deck customization, and decision making fresh in challenge and opportunity. A delightful maquette-inspired aesthetic adds charm to Drop Duchy’s moment-to-moment action, upholding a cheery sense of adventure. Regardless of the battles and scenarios at hand, Drop Duchy’s challenge constantly feels exciting and packed with possibility.

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