Dosa class joins Black Desert Online

Pearl Abyss
Black Desert Online today added a new sword-wielding class, Dosa.

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From Pearl Abyss:

This male warrior, wielding the mystical Hwando sword and Gombangdae pipe, specializes in manipulating umbral and luminous energies to summon warriors from the clouds and command the battlefield with stealth and precision.

The new class Dosa is a graceful swordsman who appears from the clouds just as quickly as he vanishes with the fog. Dosa summons archers and spearmen infused with umbral and luminous energies and hails formidable warriors from his clouds at the ready. He shrouds the battlefield with fog, obscuring the vision of his foes, then closes in to finish them off with his powerful blade.

With the Dosa class debut, players can ascend as the true heir of Sangdo School, wielding the following abilities:
• Autumnal Blitz: Gather luminous energy to summon cloud warriors who rapidly fire burning arrows while darting between the clouds.
• Cloud General: Summon the foreboding cloud general for a helping, hulking hand in battle.
• Taeguk: Harmoniously blend umbral and luminous energies to unleash your most potent Do art.
• Summer Breeze: Wrap luminous energy around their sword to summon cloud warriors who attack in all directions.
• Winter Squall: Gather umbral energy to summon warriors of fog that fire icy cold arrows at enemies.
• Virga Shaft: Unleash a killer counter by deflecting an enemy blow, then rush forward with a strike as fast as the wind.

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