More Season Two coming to Monster Hunter Now

Monster Hunter Now Season 2 Part II, Dancing in the Tempest, will launch on July 8th.

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From Capcom:
Monster Hunter Now Season 2 Part II, Dancing in the Tempest

There has never been a better time to start playing Monster Hunter Now. The game keeps getting better, with Niantic launching the first update for its Season Two content. Get ready for Monster Hunter Now’s first leviathan monster: Mizutsune, as well as multiple Summer events.

Part II of “Dancing in the Tempest” drops on July 8th at 9:00 a.m. local time with notable additions including:

  • Leviathan monster debut: - Mizutsune marks the first leviathan monster to prowl the Monster Hunter Now plains. Try your best in combat and collect their materials for all new equipment.
  • New Summer Hunt Events.

    • The Bubbling Festival - From July 18-28, all monsters (including Mizutsune) will appear in more places across the field. Players can complete limited-time quests to nab Mizutsune materials, summer-inspired layered equipment, an exclusive hunter medal, as well as a Mizutsune Scale if they make it to the end.
    • Dark Daydreams - From July 20-21, the first-ever paid ticketed event will be held in Monster Hunter Now. Hunters with tickets will enjoy a greatly upgraded hunting experience with unlimited access to Hunt-a-thons and Elder Dragon Interceptions and the chance to hunt Nightshade Paolumu before it becomes available to everyone.

Additional details on the update can be found on the blog.

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