NeoSprint races into release

NeoSprint, a modern re-imagining of the arcade classic, is now available on PC and consoles.

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From Atari:
NeoSprint races into release

Based on the classic Sprint arcade series, NeoSprint puts the pedal to the metal, inviting players to race across colorful, minimalist 3D isometric landscapes. Customize your car of choice and compete in 8-player local multiplayer races. Build, share, and download tracks from the community and compete for the best time.

Atari’s single-screen Sprint series brought multiplayer racing to arcades in the 1970s, complete with steering wheels, gas and brake pedals, and gear shifts. The gem of the series was Sprint 8, which allowed 8 friends to compete in frenzied single-screen action. With NeoSprint, the fun of single-screen co-op racing is reimagined with modern racing sim elements while embracing the series’ lineage.

• Track Builder: Create and share your dream tracks and circuits with the NeoSprint player community. Build tracks with jumps and turns up to three levels high across three different biomes. Share your best designs and get ready to compete for the fastest time.

• Multiplayer Mayhem: Get ready for some fun, arcade-style mayhem as you race against up to eight other players in local co-op. Friendships will be tested and rivalries will be born.

• Campaign Mode: Advance your career in the single-player Campaign Mode as you compete across multiple Racing Cups with increasingly difficult tracks. As you progress, unlock new decorations and car liveries.

• Endless Racing: Hone your driving skills with Obstacle Course and Time Trial challenges, then step up to competition in Campaign and Grand Prix modes. There is plenty of racing content for every type of player.

• Custom Cars: Nine car types, from muscle to sports cars, all with unique speed, acceleration, and handling. Each car is customizable with colors and Atari-themed decals. Create your dream car and get racing!

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