Homeworld 3 launches first patch

Gearbox Publishing
Homeworld 3 Patch 1.1 was released today, which includes new multiplayer content.

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From Gearbox Publishing:
Homeworld 3 launches first patch

Patch 1.1 contains brand-new multiplayer content such as new challenges, artifacts and more. Notably, players can now use the Heavy Suppression Frigate, a powerful upgrade over the standard Suppression Frigate, in War Games mode. Additionally, as a part of the game’s post-launch roadmap, Homeworld 3’s first free DLC is now available for all players. This DLC includes a new skirmish map, Karos Graveyard, which references earlier Homeworld games which notably has little terrain and contains a much larger combat zone.

Patch 1.1 will also include several bug fixes and gameplay improvements. Issues addressed within this patch include:

• Tactical Pause and Time Dilation - First mentioned in our last Dev Update, players can now pause or slow time while playing War Games or Skirmish solo.
• Torpedo Frigate - While a Torpedo Frigate’s ranged ability was active, missiles could explode before reaching their target after a certain distance.
• The Lighthouse Campaign Mission - If Resource Collectors deliver the salvage on the same movement plane (or x-axis) as the Mothership, the Carrier Salvage gets stuck, and the player is blocked.
• Targeting - After using an ability on a target, ships could occasionally start attacking other enemies instead of the initial target.
• Guard Command - Ships would occasionally fail to resume the Guard command after engaging in combat.

Mod tools: Official mod tools will launch within the next two weeks! Soon, players will have access to mod tools that will support the creation and distribution of custom Skirmish Maps.

The Free DLC is the first of many coming to Homeworld 3 as part of its 2024 Content Roadmap which includes additional content for War Games, a highly replayable RTS experience that fuses Homeworld’s RTS gameplay with roguelike inspiration that can be enjoyed solo or co-op. These additions are aimed at providing players with a variety of content such as new challenges, artifacts, classes, systems, maps, and playable factions.

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