MechWarrior 5: Clans drops in October

Piranha Games
The standalone expansion MechWarrior 5: Clans is coming to PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S on October 3rd.

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From Piranha Games:

A completely new, standalone entry to the storied franchise designed as a linear campaign with pick-up-and-play combat, MechWarrior 5: Clans’ launch date has been revealed in a Story Trailer:

The footage sets the stage for a coming invasion while joining the five-person group (a “Star”) of mech pilots central to MechWarrior 5: Clans’ narrative, intended to deliver the most human storyline ever seen in a MechWarrior video game. Composed of recent graduates from the Smoke Jaguar cadet program, this Star faces incredible stakes in a pivotal moment within the MechWarrior universe as they mobilize to aid their clan through a full-scale invasion of a region of space known as the Inner Sphere.

Combat throughout MechWarrior 5: Clans’ campaign sees these pilots wield cutting-edge BattleMechs through the style of immersive, rewarding tactical combat the MechWarrior series is famous for. The action is all set within a tight campaign utilizing handcrafted combat scenarios and cinematic storytelling to realize MechWarrior’s first Clan Invasion story in decades.

MechWarrior 5: Clans’ captivating campaign takes place across a variety of planets through stunning, meticulously designed biomes where immersive realism is baked into every detail. Intricately designed maps and missions deliver engaging combat, both complex and chaotic, demanding thoughtful, strategic play. Tactical options abound with an all-new cast of customizable Clan Mechs boasting sleek and powerful Clan technologies. MechWarrior 5: Clans explores a time in the MechWarrior universe which realizes incredible technological advances in Mech warfare.

New progression and customization systems encourage pilots to alter Mech loadouts with expansive customization through an updated Mech lab, Hardpoint, and Omnipod system. MechWarrior 5: Clans also debuts ally directing tools, including a bird’s eye-style Battlegrid and a quick command radial menu, empowering players to intuitively lead their Star whether using a controller or keyboard & mouse setup. Adaptability to the scenario at hand is key to a strategic victory.

MechWarrior 5: Clans follows Piranha’s 2019 hit, MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries, which was an open ended, procedural experience, selling more than 2 million units while securing its current 84% Very Positive ranking on Steam from more than 8,900 user reviews.

MechWarrior 5: Clans sports a gripping set of gameplay features for new and veteran pilots:

• The Clan Invasion is Here: For the first time since MechWarrior 2 (released in 1995), pilots can immerse themselves in an action packed Clan Invasion story - one of the most epic time periods in the franchise that changed the course of the Inner Sphere’s factions and politics forever. MechWarrior 5: Clans is the absolute perfect entry point into the MechWarrior universe for newcomers, and the game which veteran pilots have been waiting more than 30 years to play.

• This Isn’t Run-and-Gun, This is MechWarrior: Celebrated core MechWarrior combat returns in MechWarrior 5: Clans. Pilots must strategically plan and execute Star-based team assaults, commanding their team while utilizing the new Battlegrid and radial menu, if they are going to bring honor to Clan Smoke Jaguar while advancing their position within the Inner Sphere.

• Customizable Mechs: Victory starts in your Mech Lab with an expanded collection of technologically advanced Clan weapon systems, equipment and Upgrades. Clan Mech's superior technology grants you the ability to swap out larger parts for greater customization and functionality ahead of assaults. Plan accordingly based on terrain, structure, and biome specificity for the best chance at victory.

• All-Star Strategy: Your squadron (aka your Star) is depending on you. Protect the members of your Star in battle, deepening your bond as you engage the Inner Sphere’s determined defenders. Immerse yourself in the story as you lead your Star through narratively driven missions and thrilling combat.

• Stunning Visual Design: Harnessing the power of Unreal Engine 5, MechWarrior 5: Clans abounds in environmental detail and destruction - from precisely designed confined cityscapes to bogs spanning incredible distances, battles will take shape on breathtaking landscapes and the complex infrastructure of the Inner Sphere.

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