Find the Lost Castle 2 demo on Steam

Hunter Studio
The rogue-like beat-em-up Lost Castle 2 is releasing a demo on Steam as a part of the Steam Next Fest. The demo will be available from June 10th through June 17th.

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From Hunter Studio:
Lost Castle 2

Lost Castle 2 is a thrilling beat 'em up set in a mysterious faraway land crawling with danger. Head into the looming Dark Castle, an old monument corrupted by evil, to discover the secrets and bountiful treasures it holds inside.

Equip powerful weapons and armour to take on hordes of enemies, and either fight alone, or join up with friends in co-op to beat bosses, vanquish foes, and earn plentiful rewards to become the best treasure hunter in the land. With three eerie levels to explore and five challenging bosses to vanquish, don’t miss out on the Lost Castle 2 limited time demo in the Steam Next Fest running from June 10th until June 17th.

Lost Castle 2 features:

• A thrilling adventure with stunning 2D art. Set in a land hidden by mountains and teaming with aggressive enemies and tempting treasures, Lost Castle 2 is an engaging beat ‘em up roguelike.

• Over 200 weapons and unique sets of armour to collect, allowing for countless replayability and endless fun as players test their combat skills against an army of enemies.

• A great adventure perfect for co-op multiplayer. Join forces with up to four other players and take on the Dark Castle as a team.

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