Urban Jungle sprouting on Steam later this year

Assemble Entertainment
The cozy plant simulator Urban Jungle is coming to PC this year.

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From Assemble Entertainment:
Urban Jungle

Tidy up by putting objects in their place and decorate your home with a variety of plants, from basil to cacti. Complete objectives to unlock more plants as you watch the protagonist’s story unfold. Can you fulfill her dream of creating the perfect garden?

Urban Jungle is all about adorning your apartment with plants that range in many shapes in sizes – from ficuses, to monsteras, and even cacti. Decorate your home with the best plants you see fit to earn a certain score – though stressful high score-chasing isn’t the focus in this cozy experience. You’ll want to place your plants in just the right spots to meet their needs, allowing you to unlock even more.

Getting to know your plants is key in Urban Jungle, allowing you to know exactly where to place them throughout your home – making your living space feel even more alive. Find out more about your precious plants by checking out the notes in your diary. For instance, the pothos requires less sunlight than many other plants but does need a moderate amount of humidity.

But Urban Jungle isn’t only about decorating your abode with greenery. Along the way, you’ll see the protagonist – a second-generation immigrant from the Republic of Sakha – evolve and change throughout the experience. As the story progresses, the protagonist will move from place to place, offering a change in scenery while driving the narrative forward.


• Create the perfect garden: Decorate and arrange your home with plants such as a monstera and unlock even more to create a green haven!

• Everything in its place: Complete light puzzles, such as tidying up your living space to make room for your plants.

• Environmental storytelling: Throughout the game, you’ll uncover subtle clues and details in the home that reveal the protagonist's story – with plenty of discoveries along the way.

• Cozy, comfy vibes: Thanks to its soft colors, soothing music, and stress-free gameplay, Urban Jungle is the perfect cozy experience.

• Pet the cat: Meow! The most important feature of all!

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